MSE Congrats Jason Dufner, Hogan Lag Tip, Las Vegas National w only Hogan Clubs

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

In this episode we applaud Jason Dufner for using his Hogan swing to win a major, then I give a tip for better lag, and then I play Las Vegas National with a bag filled with only Ben Hogan golf equipment.

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  1. myswingevolution says:

    You are right, but with a full-time job on a TV show and 2 little kids it’s
    not as easy as you might think. I have very little time. I’ve played my
    best golf in tournaments when I was young, knowing every shot counted. It
    definitely changes your mindset. I was about to join the men’s league her
    in Pasadena and then I got the job in Las Vegas. Don’t worry. It’s coming

  2. myswingevolution says:

    Sure, and I’ll give you a tip for now. I saw your just slapping it around
    and goofy vids. In the goofy vid you have the idea, although you’re
    overdoing it a bit. Not bad if you’re just trying to get the feeling.
    Overall, your swing is good! I’m excited to help you. If you pause your
    impact position you will see your arms are extended into impact. This is
    very common. If you look at Hogan, his arms are extended at the target.
    Work on clearing the body to the target more for now!

  3. myswingevolution says:

    Yes, it keeps everything together.

  4. myswingevolution says:

    That is AMAZING! Would you consider sending me a video testimony or write
    something up in an email? It would be a great inspiration to others and you
    can reach me at

  5. myswingevolution says:

    No, I don’t think so. In fact, if you look closely Hogan’s left arm is soft
    with a slight bend in his elbow. This helped him create maximum speed and
    it’s hard for me to duplicate.

  6. myswingevolution says:

    Watch the Claw and the Twirl. A sixty yard pitch more or less would be the
    claw. To do the full swing you add the twirl.

  7. myswingevolution says:

    I meant to reply to this a while ago… I was so close to smashing that
    window and at the same time my mind was going, “You have to do the full
    Hogan follow through!” So, I ended up leaning back so I didn’t destroy it!

  8. sghsdgdfg says:

    that putter looks AWESOME!!! 🙂

  9. myswingevolution says:

    Funny you should say that… It was the worst instrument for putting I have
    ever tried to use in my life. Zero MOI and if the ball is off center a
    fraction of an inch, the ball will stop many feet before the hole. I’m
    crazy about all things Ben Hogan, and I like the putter for the novelty of
    it but it SUCKED.

  10. Corey Johnson says:

    Hey love the videos I am currently a 2 handicap wanting to learn the hogan
    swing but my backswing is very upright and I’m having trouble flatening it.
    Was wondering if you could post a video on the hogan backswing and how to
    get to the top of the swing?! Thanks reply back

  11. hustlinworldwide says:

    Cool video but please leave the annoying music out next time!

  12. Stephen Johnson says:

    Great work on the video. Tell me have you ever looked at Billy Casper’s
    golf swing? Interesting how he would slide his right foot toward the target
    at impact. Watched him play at Pleasant Valley Country Club in Sutton Mass.
    in 1968. He hit a lot of rainbow hooks but wow what a short game. The hawk
    was playing but it was Ken Hawk Harrelson Red Sox right fielder and scratch
    golfer. Ken does the White Sox’s play by play now.

  13. myswingevolution says:

    I shot 40 on the back. I didn’t finish a hole on the front because I was
    with a player who had never played, and 2 groups passed us.

  14. superstishun says:

    Some nice swings in this video. I think you did the Hogan clubs justice.

  15. robert thaler says:

    can’t understand why people don’t just study the Nicklaus swing, the
    greatest most dominant golfer ever. Much different than Hogan. I guess if
    you have 12 hours a day to practice while your manipulating the clubface
    all over the place and if your studying his post accident video swings
    which you believe to represent his natural swing its o.k. But why fall in
    love with this cute stuff? Nicklaus did not practice much between fishing
    trips and golf course design and he still managed to completely dominate
    the game with a simple, understandable,incredibly powerful upright swing.
    His iron game never strayed in accuracy and he would carry the ball 40
    yards past his nearest competitors. I think from one week to the next this
    Hogan stuff will vary like the wind. Dufner played brilliant golf to win
    that major. What has he done since? It remains to be seen and with his
    lower clubhead speed how is he going to compete on the longer courses? Just
    my opinion.

    • myswingevolution says:

      I love Jack Nicklaus and I’ve learned a lot about his swing. I consider
      both Jack and Mr. Hogan to be classic swingers with great lower body
      action. I think they had more in common than you might realize. The both
      have their elbows connecting the club through impact. They both used a
      weak grip to eliminate the left side of the course. Jack said when he went
      astray before his 2 majors in 1980, his swing had become too upright and he
      needed to swing deeper. After a little work he was back on track. I
      greatly admire how easy the game was for Nicklaus. He is also one of my
      idols and the only major difference I see is his spine angle DTL.

    • Crimchaser says:

      Later in his career, Nicholas himself wanted to emulate Hogan and
      implemented a more rounded swing.

  16. diegosvega says:

    Do you loose many yards with the old clubs? 

    • myswingevolution says:

      I’d say a new driver goes 40 yards farther. But, I’ve busted persimmon
      about 275 on a good hit.

    • myswingevolution says:

      The older clubs have higher lofts so a 6 iron is more like a modern 7 iron.
      But, that shouldn’t matter as long as you figure out how far each club
      goes! Have fun!!

  17. carl parker says:

    Hey there, ever thought about how Hogan turned his head during the

    • myswingevolution says:

      Yes. He and Nicklaus are right eye dominant. I’m left eye dominant so
      it’s harder for me to see the ball when I try it.

  18. Mox_au says:

    Hi,do you try to keep your right elbow pinned to your side in your
    backswing? it looks super close but it’s hard to tell from videos. Thanks
    in advance.

  19. anonymous_maestro says:

    Who are all these “hogan detractors that say the hogan swing doesn’t

  20. Gregory Hawk says:

    In response to a previous comment “can’t understand why people don’t just
    study the Nicklaus swing” . Most excellent high level performers are not
    eloquent in explaining what and how they do what they do. This is why
    exceptional performers such as Michael Jordan, Reggie Jackson to name a few
    did not excel at coaching. They had low tolerance with others and they
    could not translate their performance processes to the average participant.
    Granted Mr. Nicklaus did spawn a book “Golf My Way” and it’s a good book.
    However, Hogan was exceptional at communicating what he did how he did it,
    with a sincere teachers heart, believing all others could achieve if they
    had the desire, the dedication and the determination to do it. Byron Nelson
    was an exceptional golfer (Hogan never beat him)! But Mr. Nelson did not
    take up the charge to communicate to the masses on THE HOW. No dis-respect
    to Mr. Nelson he just chose to touch the world of golf in other ways. I
    strongly believe that when Hogan began those series of Sports Illustrated
    articles that led to “The Five Lessons” book; he nor anyone else were aware
    of the humungous impact his shared knowledge would have on all that chose
    to play the game. The collaboration with artist Mr. Ravielli to illustrate
    the anatomy of movements was genius and has not to this day been
    duplicated. There is a Bible scripture (Matt: 7:16) that states “You will
    know them by their fruits”. When it comes to Hogan …his fruits are a
    There is something unifying about dedication, determination and desire. Mr.
    Hogan and MSE are living proof of this!

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