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In this video I give a "Shout Out" to Andrew Garcia for breaking 80! Also, Hogan tells us how he got his start, we watch Billy Casper's awesome classic swing, and Gary McCord tells us about meeting Ben Hogan for the first time!

Thank you to Ball Striker for posting the video Ben Hogan Legacy, that the first clip is from. You can watch the whole video on his awesome channel!

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  1. natollys says:

    I have just been reading a book called “I Remember Ben Hogan”…..Gary
    McCord is described as an “Anti Hoganist” is a quote off the back
    cover from Mr McCord.

    “I went over to meet Hogan at Shady Oaks with (CBS-TV golf producer) Frank
    Chirkinian and Ken Venturi. He kept looking at me, and finally he said,
    What do you do ? …I didn’t say anything, and Chirkinian goes, …He an
    announcer for us …and Ken goes..He also played on tour…When Hogan would
    talk to you, he’d ask you a question, then go back and talk to the other
    guys. He said ..How long have you been on tour ?…I said fifteen
    years….Then he turned around and started talking to Frank Then he turned
    back around to me and asked…How many did you win…? Before I could
    answer, he turned around and started talking to Frank, and I said …Well
    None… A minute later, he again turned around and said …Why are you
    still playing…? ”

    To get a professional sportsman to write a book alone is highly
    unlikely….you need a professional writer to correct spelling mistakes as
    well as grammatical errors…in other words to…. Put it into “Good

    To say that Hogan didn’t write his books is just “Stupid”

  2. fullwerkes says:

    Nice vid Christo.

    How you getting on with that 2 Iron I sent you? I bet now everything has
    glued together you can really give that some?

    Also WE WANT MORE CLINICS! 🙂 Especially for us in the UK.


    • myswingevolution says:

      +fullwerkes I’m still hitting it well. I’ve got it in my bag right now! I’m
      not sure when I’ll be doing another clinic but I am working very hard on a
      new instructional video that boils everything I’ve learned down into one
      coherent production.

  3. joe darby says:

    Good stuff Christo! 

  4. sandman4224 says:

    Christo, Love your channel and passion but Mike Austin told it like it was.
    There is another guy out there(Tom Duke) teaching Austin mechanics that is
    really making waves. I suggest you check out his channel – Wind and Swing
    Golf Swing.

    • myswingevolution says:

      +sandman4224 I’ve featured Mike Austin instruction on my channel. Do you
      suggest elevating his instruction above all others?

    • sandman4224 says:

      Hogan was great but couldn’t put his feeling into words. Austin could.
      Hogan was a great golfer. Austin was a great teacher.That would put him in
      a more elevated status in instruction, yes. I only challenge you to look
      because, intuitively, I believe that you want to continue to sharpen the
      saw and be the best that you can be – much like myself 🙂

    • myswingevolution says:

      I absolutely agree. Mike Austin was a better teacher of the game, and I do
      aspire to become a better teacher.

  5. cgasucks says:

    A young Ben Hogan getting bullied and fought his way to get a caddy
    job…good times…

    • L Dupree says:

      +cgasucks Seriously, it sounds so horrible what he had to endure, but they
      way he told the story, with that narrator’s tone of voice, it’s like
      something that was totally normal back then. Rolled down a hill in a barrel
      with rocks, and then beaten with sticks, and then he had to fight another
      kid to get the job? Sweet jesus, it’s like Fight Club…

    • cgasucks says:

      Have you ever heard of the concept of sarcasm?

    • L Dupree says:

      +cgasucks Brother, I’m agreeing with you!

    • cgasucks says:

      Yeah…no kid (or even an adult) should endure what Hogan had to go through
      to get any job..let alone a caddy..

  6. John Gust says:

    Christo! I am a big fan of your work but have to comment that McCord is
    full of it…Hogan was no fan of his and asked him one time why he was on
    tour if he had never won anything. Hogan was a control freak and would
    never have granted Herbert Warren Wind complete control of the text of his
    instruction book. By the way, I highly recommend Wind’s collection of golf
    essays from his New Yorker column: “Following Through”…great stuff.

    • myswingevolution says:

      +John Gust Very interesting, John. Indeed, Mr. Hogan would have wanted to
      review any work in his name. Very good point, sir. And, I’ll look up
      “Following Through!”

  7. Landryjohnson99 says:

    You should do more course vlogs 

  8. historicus146 says:

    That was filmed at the Bob O Link Golf Club (Highland Park IL) circa 1985.
    McCord is a loud mouth. It is all about Gary…always.
    Now contrast what he said with the all the other people who met Hogan on a
    golf course or at a range and learned from what he COULD explain.
    McCord maybe was right about Hogan in 1985 after a few martinis…..but
    Hogan knew the swing….helped write the book, and many many tour players
    took from that book and learned …notably Larry Nelson.

    • historicus146 says:

      +historicus146 Hogan was a perfectionist..with his clubs and his books. He
      may not have written the book..word for word…but he read it, edited it,
      approved it. Myriads of people have benefited from that book, and Hogan
      knew the swing and how to talk about it. McCord is a loud mouthed self
      absorbed clown, doing a clown show at a golf club in this video….

    • George Smith says:

      +George Smith A perfect example of the contradictions….
      “The important thing in the golf swing is getting the body to control the
      motion of the arms, the hands, and the club… As I term it, it is the dog
      wagging the tail, rather than the tail wagging the dog.”
      — David Leadbetter

      “Am I saying that the golf swing is exclusively the work of your hands
      and arms? Absolutely not. What I am saying is that the turning elements-the
      shoulders, hips, and legs- should respond to the swinging elements-the
      hands, wrists, arms, and the instrument [the golf club].
      Simply put, the swing turns the body both ways, backward and forward.
      The body does not turn the swing.”
      — Jim Flick, famous golf instructor and instructor to Jack Nicklaus.

  9. historicus146 says:

    If Gary McCord is your source, you must check yourself.
    Hogan was a perfectionist…and he combed the book and edited the book till
    it was EXACTLY like he wanted.
    Now you can discuss if his “feel vs real” translated to the book ad

    • myswingevolution says:

      +historicus146 I just wanted to share what a subscriber had pointed out to
      me. It’s started a great discussion. I didn’t realize how many people were
      anti-McCord. I’ve never thought about him one way or the other.

  10. George Smith says:

    Christo, I’m beginning to regret sending this to you given all the angry
    Given that nobody here claims to have known Hogan or Venturi I find it
    amazing that some are calling McCord and/or Venturi liars given that
    neither (especially Venturi) had any motive to say something that was not
    true about the book. Folks can say what they want about McCord but Venturi
    was a 100% class act in terms of character. Maybe McCord did not like
    Hogan but maybe that was because Hogan at their first meeting asked McCord
    why he was still playing golf after not winning a tournament in 15 years.
    How would you feel if you were in McCord’s shoes? Could there have been a
    little arrogance and condescension there? Enough said on that subject.

    The idea that “Five Lessons” is some kind of holy scripture where every
    word and drawing is holy and bio-mechanically exact and precise is
    ridiculous. Some of the pictures and / or descriptions (in my and others
    opinion) were designed to describe a “feeling” that Hogan had and nothing
    more. Tom Bertrand writes somewhere in his book that John Schlee (taught
    by Hogan) told him SPECIFICALLY that the “arms roped together” picture was
    just describing how Hogan “thought” about his arms as “one big arm” and
    nothing more. If you take it literally/bio-mechanically, that would mean
    you must forcefully resist allowing your right elbow to bend all the way up
    to the top which is nonsense.

    No more long posts like this, I promise! Here’s wishing you a round in
    the 60’s very soon!

    • myswingevolution says:

      +George Smith I think it’s great that you shared this video with me. I
      posted it and it started a very good discussion. The one thing to remember
      is McCord is trying to sell Mac O’Grady’s system to these folks so he’s
      clearly taking a dig at Mr. Hogan. Apparently, Hogan had taken a pretty
      good dig at McCord’s game, too!

    • historicus146 says:

      McCord was entertaining at a golf outing and blowing smoke for
      entertainment sake and self elevation
      Venturi interview with Hogan best sports interview I’ve seen
      But…the jury is out on Venturing
      Read “Men in Green” the new golf best seller
      by Baumberger

  11. George Smith says:

    Hey Christo, just found another interesting Hogan tidbbit from Jimmy
    Ballard. It’s 11 minutes into this video.

  12. toddms41 says:

    Ben Hogan was a intuitive mechanical genius. Much like Yngwie Malmsteen on
    guitar, if asked he’ll tell you he doesn’t know how he does what he does.
    They’re just natural geniuses.

  13. Ben Hogan's Letter Lessons says:

    I shared your video on my channel. You are doing marvelous. I like the word
    marvelous. Billy

  14. kilroy escalante says:

    Yes ! Mike Austin

  15. LostInTheNoise says:

    That first few minutes was pretty badass! Hogan certainly new tough
    times. McCord got the depth of information he deserved. If i were Hogan i
    would certainly mindfuck semi-douches after few martinis. Just for my own

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