MSE Hogan Drill, Grip Adjustment, Best Ball Striking Ever!

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

In this video I demonstrate a drill from Mr. Hogan himself and I talk about how much better my ball striking has become!

For the first time I am offering a new instructional series from My Swing Evolution! All of my lessons and insights are condensed into one video that is 1 hour and 21 minutes long!

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The video is available for download for $29.95 or for a one day rental for $19.95.

23 Responses to “MSE Hogan Drill, Grip Adjustment, Best Ball Striking Ever!”

  1. brewmaster95060 says:

    hogan played clubs that were flat I bought a loft lie machine bent some
    hogan round sole blades 1 inch over standard it made all the difference:
    5 28 54.5 39
    6 32 55.5 38.5
    7 36 56.5 38
    8 40 57.5 37.5
    9 44 58.5 37
    makes swing left a snap.

  2. cgasucks says:

    Is that your old 983K with the Nunchuk shaft!?! I thought you’ll never use
    that again!

  3. RollYourRock says:

    H. Kelley called the first pad (above palm) on the right forefinger the #3
    Pressure Point. Chris, if you’re not already familiar, you need to check
    this out… google.

  4. Jay Nonimus says:

    Hey I really love what you do and I have a suggestion that I think will be
    very useful. Your feet and legs seem to look somewhat passive. Ben Hogan
    felt the ground with his feet; he would wear out his insoles from gripping
    with his toes. He leveraged the ground for power. You can see how before
    every shot he was very aware of his feet; he placed them precisely and
    looked very light and springy on his feet (search for “Ben Hogan: The
    Diagonal Stance” on YouTube). I think if you become mindful of your feet
    and legs and how you are going to use them before each shot it will be very
    intuitive. Cheers

  5. BigBlueMSP says:

    Sounds so much more violent at impact especially with your driver. You can
    hear that explosion which is good.

    How much time do you spend on your short game?

  6. toddms41 says:

    After shootn’ video of myself I could see that I was letting my arms get
    away from me in the back swing (trying to swing like a tour pro, bad
    idea!). As a result I had no chance on the downswing. I tried making a
    flatter more compact swing with my right elbow and arms closer to my body,
    much like your swing +myswingevolution. It really worked. I also kept my
    right elbow pressed against my right side on the downswing and just turned
    my body as fast as I could. It kept me on plan and produced lag. I was
    hitting low missiles, it was awesome! I can see now that you really need
    hit the ball with your body turn and not your arms.

  7. kieran parry says:

    It was the downloaded version its okay the streaming one ia fine. Great
    video thank you shanked alot trying to do it today but the odd connection
    felt effortless just need to practice it. 

  8. John M says:

    Hi Christo, swing is looking even better. So from what you’re saying in
    this video is that you have to turn your hips into the swing earlier to get
    that pent rating ball flight. 

  9. only1daf says:

    i see you put your left thumb back on the club. why?

  10. Rob W says:

    excellent info. you are right about the grip close to the finger tips, at
    the first row of knuckles below the finger tips , the club feels lighter
    and whips through the swing, also hogans knee action was second to none,
    you should do a video on that

  11. Andrew Mclelland says:

    Hi Christo
    Wth ur grip more in the palm in the left hand, does this give u a worn
    patch on the glove on the pad down by the pinky finger over time?
    It does with me, am I positioning the club wrong in the palm?


  12. Tyson Blackwolf says:

    I tried the putting my right finger tip for my grip and my swing plain has
    been straightened out, and im hitting my ball further and straighter then
    ever before. Like literally I shot thee lowest score in my life 75 at
    Kapolei golf course. try it.

  13. Dave G says:

    WOW! That swing really, visibly changed after the grip change!

  14. teddy thodo says:

    Christo, I have a quick question. I’ve been watching you for a while now
    and your swing looks amazing. I’ve also been watching Shawn Clement. Shawn
    teaches you to swing to a target and release the club towards the target.
    At the starting of this video here, you teach to release the club at the
    bottom. Wouldn’t releasing at bottom encourage us to hit the ball, rather
    than swinging through the ball?

  15. Jancen says:

    Where can I get the video and what’s in it?

  16. Cupillac says:

    at :30sec perfect setup.

  17. vince schiavo says:

    Christo, as awesome as that ball-striking was…what made that video so
    mesmerizing was the tempo of your swing – Freakin’ Awesome!

  18. 김영신 says:

    Awesome! Very nice drills on your hip action and grip adjustment. Great

  19. Thomas Fraser says:

    Thank you Christo for showing a brief movie of Hogan placing his right hand
    using his two middle finger. It is far more accurate then what the artist
    depicted in Hogan’s Five lessons. Worth trying and based on your
    recommendation; I will. Are you still placing the club in your hand more in
    the palm as you showed in a previous video? I am asking you this because
    this to seems different then what the artist drew in Hogan’s book.

  20. Patrick Kaa says:

    Tee up very low there???

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