Learn Ben Hogans Secret

In this video I discuss resisting my arm release for a better impact position. And, I'd like to give MSE subscriber, Lee Namba, a special shout out for joining me through the latest breakthroughs. We've both made it through many similar milestones.


  1. Ed Floody says:

    You were already long before this breakthrough has that changed with this
    recent discovery? Also, I miss the MSE Lip Out. Could you do one on
    TrackMan? Have you been on one and what are your thoughts.

  2. Barry Oakland says:

    Much better Christo, RLB & hip rotation. Get that right elbow in front of
    the right hip, well done man!

  3. sandman4224 says:

    By George!

    I’m thoroughly impressed, Christo 🙂 Looks great!

    I also like the baseball throw analogy.

  4. Deck Luck says:

    Nice work. Your swing is looking good.

  5. Sgt Pepper says: have u seen this club that European tour
    pro simon dyson & many others use 4 impact position training from
    dstgolf.. +myswingevolution​​

  6. George Smith says:

    Sounds exactly like what abman has was describing in his video “Lateral
    Side Bend: The Missing Link”.

  7. James Grant says:

    Awesome! Works!

  8. gmonkey808 says:

    this is great I think I understand what you are saying. I thought with a
    body swing like that the club would want to swing straight out from the
    shoulder? To get it to swing at 90 degrees to the spine (instead of
    shoulder) are you swinging from around the hands/wrists instead of from the
    shoulder? (hope I have explained that ok?)

    • gmonkey808 says:

      +gmonkey808 Just to add it sounds very much like a slinging action you are
      describing. I’ll give it a go….

  9. Hickory Trickory says:

    Regarding your insight about the resistance of the arms to the rotation
    impulse ? that is correct, well done. However it contradicts Hogan page 48
    ( tricep pressure ) I suggest you proceed with your resistance insight but
    with as Hogan puts it “tremendous pressure between the upper arms and the
    chest”. If you want to understand Hogan you have to understand how pressure
    works. Your focus more often than not is on positions. Forget
    positions……it is what lies behind those positions that you need to
    discover. Good Day.

  10. chobeeboy44 says:

    It sounds like sequencing. Look at Arnie’s sequencing. It’s amazing!

  11. Juan Lozano says:

    Love the music. What is the name? Thanks

  12. Hung Phan says:

    It’s so true to relax the arms and let it fires by itself!

  13. Charlie Knapp says:

    Christo I want to thank you, I have been teaching golf for over 50 years
    and have watched most of your videos on Ben Hogans golf swings with great
    interest, it has helped me immensely not only to teach others but to teach
    myself, More over I think your a real gentlemen, keep up the good work.

  14. Maqqa says:

    What you are describing here is on Page 94 of the book and also Page 96
    second paragraph in CAPS

  15. Ray Frosti says:

    I’ve coached a lot of baseball. One of my favorite hitting cues is “turn
    and THEN swing”. Meaning to get the bat moving with the body not the
    arms. This uses the big muscles and does a much better job of controlling
    the weight of the bat and “putting a good line” on the bat head. You are
    controlling the arc and plane of the swing with your body. The arms, at
    least at the beginning, are just maintaining the arc and not being thrown
    back by the rotational forces with your nice strong position.

  16. Ray Frosti says:

    Christo, at the end of your backswing, your arms are in a very supported
    and stable position (Hogan-like), making it easier to handle the tremendous
    rotational forces you are creating. From there, you are turning in such a
    fashion as to put your hands etc on the intended plane. The body moves the
    arms. As I wrote, “turn, then swing”. To me, this is making a good impact
    position almost automatic because it minimizes the chance of the arms
    getting out of synch with the body. The dog wags the tail, not the tail
    wags the dog! My friend Jeff and I have been following your very
    interesting videos and you have helped us to conceive of the swing in this
    manner. Simply to set our spine angle etc at address and then
    turning/rotating the body to get on the arms and club swinging on intended
    plane. The results have been very gratifying.

  17. Swing Searcher says:

    Very nice video and significant improved move. Your comparison of you to
    Mr. Hogan pre impact looks very close. I was also an arm swinger my whole
    life and can comprehend your feelings regarding the passive arms vs. active
    arms. The feeling of turning thru the shot without intentionally fire the
    arms works well. It kicks us sometimes out of our shoes at the finish, but
    that is a reaction to the aggressive turn. 😉
    Well done and thanks for your entertaining channel and inspiring e-book.
    Good stuff inside the book and worth the money.

  18. Swing Searcher says:

    Here is a telling gif of Christos release, which looks very good to me.
    Passive release pattern. I like! ;-)

  19. Lobby Lobby says:

    Looking pretty solid there Christo. It’s certainly key to keep the hands &
    arms soft to release that clubhead late. I’ve been working on the same
    thing but I’m miles away at the moment but I’ve taken out the left hand
    side of the course almost completely. It’s so, so difficult not to want to
    hammer it with your hands & arms

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