MSE Hogan Roll, Deep Backswing, Match Play

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

In this video I talk about the Hogan Roll, and the Deep Takeaway. I also play match play with some friends.

For the first time I am offering a new instructional series from My Swing Evolution! All of my lessons and insights are condensed into one video that is 1 hour and 21 minutes long!

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26 Responses to “MSE Hogan Roll, Deep Backswing, Match Play”

  1. cgasucks says:

    Pampling is a right sided hitter (a Gary Edwin student I believe) and like
    all right sided hitters of the ball, has a very flippy release…a guy like
    me is not talented enough to square the clubface a the moment of impact so
    screw that for me…

  2. patrik streng says:

    What clubs are you using?

  3. obga18 says:

    the “hogan roll” is nothing more than a product of a good grip and the
    lower hand returning perpendicular to the target..

    • myswingevolution says:

      +obga18 And, so few people have it.

    • Håkan Olander says:

      +myswingevolution Hi Christo.
      I believe Sasho MacKenzie and Chris Comos discussion is part of the answer
      to the “Hogan roll”. If you get the club in the “Shangrila” position, you
      get an almost automatic “Hogan roll”. If the clubhead is moving in a path
      inside your hands the tendensy for it is to roll towards “shut”. If you
      have supple wrists in the beginning of the downswing, and you get the
      clubhead behind the path of your hands, the mere weight of the club will
      get your wrists to bend that way.
      Thinking opposite, what most slicers do, is to get the path of the clubhead
      moving outside the path of the hands, resulting in the clubhead “rolling”
      the other way “open”.
      If the clubhead would weigh 10 times more than it does, its easier to
      imagine what the wrists will do. You could not “muscle” it open with a
      clubheadpath inside the handpath, and viceversa…

      I have tried this successfully, and if I keep my wrists VERY soft and
      imagine my glovelabel pointing away from my body the entire swing, I get
      straight balls with a lot of zip and smash. If I stall my pivot, it doesn’t

    • myswingevolution says:

      Yes, that inside the hands path is what led me to describe what I call
      “Shangri-La.” Totally agree.

  4. broseph124 says:

    What course is this? Btw love your channel and all the videos great content
    about the golf swing and the great mr.hogan!

  5. Mark Nac says:

    Christo, I’m still struggling with this. I’ve been working with an impact
    bag where I cup at the top and bow down at the bag – no problem. However,
    it doesn’t carry over when I actually hit balls. Is there any other
    specific drill that you work on to get this into your swing… I find that it
    is too difficult to simply tell yourself to do it when swinging at 100mph,
    ie. it doesn’t work as another swing thought on the laundry list of
    thoughts. BTW, another great example of the Hogan-roll is
    straight-shooting Calvin Peete.

    • myswingevolution says:

      +Mark Nac Yes, Calvin Peete has a great roll. You can really see him at the
      top of the swing letting the shaft flatten out behind him. For me, the club
      head has to kind of fall behind the turn, which helps it to automatically
      find the position.

  6. Diver says:

    I see a lot of extension at the ball again. Is it working? Obviously! Yet,
    I can’t help noticing the difference from your breakthrough LSB & arm lag
    from a few weeks ago to the last couple of posts. That right elbow seems
    (to me) to be straightening earlier. Then again, maybe it’s the camera
    angles. Keep up the great work.

  7. Ben Hogan's Letter Lessons says:

    Great lesson, Christo. I believe this is the heartbeat of your golf swing,
    and Mr. Hogan’s.

    It is small in certain ways, but huge in others. You have to be a astute
    student, like yourself to pick this out.

    I am happy for you, that you have buddies to go out and play golf.

    I enjoy this very much.


  8. Jersoner says:

    Christo!! My man! I went to range today with the “keep the right arm above
    the left” (feeling in the backswing) I’ve never hit it better! Thanks man
    keep the vids coming!!!! Everyone should purchase his movie, I go back to
    it more and more!!!

    • myswingevolution says:

      +Jersoner Thank you for this message. It was impossible to put everything
      into one video, but I wanted to mention this to some folks who may not have
      it right. When I concentrate on this I just smash it! Thank you for
      purchasing my video as well. I believe very strongly in the content. Cheers!

  9. keesonator says:

    Hey Christo great video really complements the movie I purchased from you.
    Was struggling with my back swing and not hitting it well. Keeping the
    right arm above the left and then transitioning into the Hogan Roll helped.
    Question I seem to be pulling a lot of my shots now but I am aligned to
    target. They’re flying further than ever but I’d like to get it going more
    at target and I tend to be an over the topper. Any suggestions?

    • myswingevolution says:

      +keesonator A pill generally means you’ve come in over the top a bit. Use
      your knees to get the direction more to the right through impact. That
      should help!

  10. gmonkey808 says:

    Hi Christo, Breakthough for me this week. Im finally understanding the body
    hit and club head weight relationship with the core. Ball striking is
    amazing. Good divots, ball first etc. But im not getting spin on the greens
    as much as I would expect. Do I need to do anything extra? Contact is
    amazing and im using a calloway ball. Wedge from 110 yards should spin

  11. Richard2k2k says:

    hello.. my name is Richard i been watching a couple of you videos … i
    love the series on swinging faster…
    just purchased a speed radar and gonna give it a try…
    i live in fontana California next to sierra lakes golf courses
    i wanted to ask you if you give golf lesson i would really be intrested …
    im a struggling golfer thats getting worse instead of better…

    • myswingevolution says:

      +Richard2k2k Hi, I’m working on a TV show right now so I can’t give any
      lessons. Keep working at it and the speed program will help!

  12. Draino 31 says:

    Enter a local tourney and see how your swing holds up.

  13. Dave G says:

    An alternate way of giving the same swing tip as the beginning of the video
    is always keep your right hand (minus the fingers) between your body and
    grip. I got this idea from watching Retief Goosen in real life. Definitely
    worth the money to go to a PGA Tour event.

  14. billjac333 says:

    Hi Christo, the tip to keep your right arm higher was a great help.
    Hitting it better. I enjoyed your video, a lot of great tips.

    Bill AZ

  15. HaroldNmb says:

    Can someone explain what the Hogan Roll is?

  16. Richard2k2k says:
  17. David Chu says:

    The Hogan Roll you talk about in this clip is similar to what Leadbetter is
    currently teaching with his A swing.

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