MSE LaSeR, 1973 Hogan Apex Irons

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

In this episode of MSE, I talk about the 3-part golf swing and I head out to try some old Hogan Apex's (1973 with X-Stiff shafts). BTW – I spoke with Mike Maves today and he said he plays the same set of irons, and figured what I picked up probably belonged to a pro. Man, they are heavy and straight, but if you hit them badly you will feel it.

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23 Responses to “MSE LaSeR, 1973 Hogan Apex Irons”

  1. Diego Diaz says:

    Christo, your irons look brand new on the range, but on your twitter they
    look a bit battered. Or I’m I seeing things?

  2. myswingevolution says:

    They are in very good shape for their age. I’d say they are a B-rating.
    They look like they were hardly used. I would assume whoever owned them was
    a badass golfer. I think the Twitter photo doesn’t do them justice.

  3. LS7Liverpool says:

    I want to ask you, when you say laser like irons do you mean a lower
    flight. Because I’ve tried this tip and it worked, I’m compressing the ball
    great, but i seem to be hitting it a little lower. I’m curious on your
    thoughts thanks.

  4. myswingevolution says:

    I really mean straighter, but lower as well because the better you hit the
    ball generally the lower it takes off because you are delofting the face.

  5. LS7Liverpool says:

    Ok thank you. Wanted to make sure.

  6. stuartmcdowall says:

    Ha ha…clueless. At least with regard to striking a golf ball in the
    classic manner, with classic ball trajectory and maneuverability. Which is
    what Christo is after. In order to do it, ya need clubs that are
    weighted/balanced so that the toe doesn’t snap closed, as most modern clubs
    are designed. So ya gotta find old Hogans or have a set custom forged and
    ground. I get what the modern, maximized trajectory/spin game is about. I
    think it sucks, too, because the art of golf is lost. IMHO

  7. RIOSKI says:

    Dam, that just put up the price of ’73 Hogans no doubt.

  8. redberrey1 says:

    Wow out of all the videos this one has helped me the most i started with
    the martin ayers principles but i feel like that was a mostly upperbody
    swing with all the resisting. With this powerstretch and hogan trap im
    hitting the ball 20 yards longer and straigther

  9. dillingerexcape87 says:

    Gorgeous irons. I have a set of Apex Grind blades from the early 90’s and I
    love them. Man irons!

  10. Rhobot says:

    I love Eaton Canyon golf course. It would be great to play a round with you
    sometime and maybe I can learn a thing or two. I have Ben Hogan Decade
    irons that are basically Apex irons.

  11. Sooper8 says:

    Yes, I’m with you on this

  12. Swelex SoSl says:

    To me, it looks like you are “laying” the club WAAAY to much in the

  13. Paul Scheuer says:

    A clue to the source of the slide: You say in the video that the extra
    stiff shafts feel like you really have to “put some mustard on it”. The
    slide is likely due to firing your right side harder down the line, pulling
    your leg and foot along with it.

  14. diegosvega says:

    How much do the Hogan Apex cost? do you lose any distance hitting suppose a
    7 iron vs a nowadays iron? thanks!!

    • myswingevolution says:

      I got the whole set for $55. They fly about a club shorter than modern

    • 김영신 says:

      +myswingevolution Unbelievable, have to fly US. In ebay, they put US 1,000
      at the minimum for the hogan blade sticks like that looking very clean.

  15. diegosvega says:

    If you are near Miami late october i would love to play with you!! i´m from
    Argentina and i´m going to visit my brother for 2 weeks :)

  16. Alan Martins says:

    Higher trag because the lofts are probably much weaker!

  17. Alan Martins says:

    Most of the old stuff is forged so you can always change them to two
    degrees strong to kinda match today’s lofts. I always change the lofts when
    I get an older set or I’d be hitting a two club difference in length.

  18. The Racing Ear says:

    I have a set of these irons. They make my upper extremities hurt. Classic

  19. Joshua Christianson says:

    I just got a set of “Decades” also. I think they were made in 1984. 2
    through equalizer. #4 shafts and 20 bucks. They are sweet.

  20. Otis Brotis says:

    Damn that smog is awful

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