MSE New Hogan Woods and Mizuno MP33’s

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

In this video I go to Crown City Golf in Pasadena, and I happen to find a set of Mizuno MP-33's that I fell in love with. I also found two matching Ben Hogan persimmon woods! I left a happy man!

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  1. KiljimKing says:

    Nice buy. I just switched my TM Burner out with mp33s, too. Im in love with
    them. Already thinking about buying a spare set or so.
    They say these are some of the most forgiving blades, the face is a bit
    Have fun!

  2. Danny Patten says:

    ive also got the mp33’s 2-9 iron and they cost me £50 plus custom fitting
    and that cost me £40. great clubs for launch and proper spin 

  3. Nate Fraser says:

    those are a steal – great looking sticks and you’re just melting the ball
    with them! I bought a Hogan Driver similar to what you have off EBay and
    just use it for display – was and is a great stick! They’ll be good to you
    – can’t wait to seem them in action.
    All the best for the New Year Mr.G.

  4. Ken Gardner says:

    Those MP33s are sweet, nice sticks! I recently picked up some Nike VR Pro
    blades and love them. 

  5. 3rdgroove says:

    MP-33 one of the prettiest golf clubs ever made… Love the vid – it’s
    almost as if I’ve bought them myself – through you. Have fun!

  6. fullwerkes says:


    Dont tell me you got rid of your BH 1973s?! I do like your recent purchases
    – oh and let me know how the audio books went..I am eager to know!


  7. Joseph Augustin says:

    Here’s to 2014!

  8. ekkoinverted says:

    Great vid, looks like you’re in a good place. Swing looks awesome. Can you
    do more detailed vids of you swing for people wishing to copy it? Keep it
    up m8! 

  9. FarnzworthIII says:

    Just picked up some MP 14s. Definitely know when I miss the sweet spot. But
    I am just using them for range practice so they are perfect. 

  10. L Dupree says:

    Crowne City Golf Shoppe is a great golf store. If they don’t have it, they
    can find it. And, you’re supporting a locally, privately owned business
    (v. the other goliaths). Use them in good health, Christo! Altho, I
    wonder how well you’d strike the Mizuno 825s. I’d bet you’d crush them and
    still be able to shape your shots.

  11. Fullkornsglass says:

    Best Irons I ever played.
    You can’t go wrong with them.
    Welcome to Mizuno heaven.

  12. Grumpy Old Soles says:

    That looks like an awesome little shop…might need to check it out next
    time I play near Pasadena. Can’t wait to see you game those 33’s!!

  13. HoganFan69 says:

    nice, post a video of your first game with them

  14. Timothy Frost says:

    Don’t speak ill of Nike forged blades…….. The TW’s are great clubs, but
    so are the new Pro VR blades. Hit them and you’ll see. 

    • myswingevolution says:

      I would assume they are great clubs, however, I’m not so sure how great the
      company is. They’ve worked hard to overcome the sweatshop controversies,
      but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  15. Mike Williams says:

    My brother Inlaw has bought a new set every 2 weeks in golf season he has
    never played the same set twice I been trying to get him to understand he
    needs to change his golf swing not his clubs an I been showing him your
    videos on how your biting the old persimmon woods only 5 or 10 yards
    shorter then the new drivers his name is big Ron an we can’t wait til you
    make another video to show how the old irons travel just as far as the new

  16. TexasTalk1846 says:

    Nice bag and clubs. 

  17. The Racing Ear says:

    Crown Golf on Green Street in Pasadena!! Used to go there when I lived in
    Azusa. Do you do any videos with 1 irons?
    I have a 1974 Hogan Apex 1 iron with AMF 4 shaft that I used to hit well.
    Golf has bankrupted me. 

  18. nicole Buis says:

    I am somewhat late…. i owned a set of mp33 and damn do i regret selling
    them.. they are most likely apart from my ben hogan set by far the nicest
    looking, best hitting and forgiving blades i have ever played.. The feel is
    just amazing.. i switched to Ping as a practise the groves out of my
    mizunos.. but if i could turn back the clock and get me another set i would
    not think about it…

  19. Chief Snipes says:

    I play Yonex clubs but man sometimes when I hit them in the sweet spot and
    it just makes my hand go numb. like my 3-5 iron it happens.

  20. Sean Sack says:

    0:25 “Zolex” Hammer driver in the bargain bin. lol

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