MSE Victor Rodriguez, Hogan Code, Final Reps

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

In this episode we get to visit Victor Rodriguez, I show off the rough draft of The Hogan Code, and I go through my final reps in the last couple of weeks before the photos are done for the book.

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  1. sasquatchtour says:

    I was wondering how you get back to the shaft plane at impact from the top
    of the swing. Your low left release is awesome but unlike hogan I’m coming
    in above plane resulting in pulls. I have also been a member at Terra Lago
    Golf Club for 3 years and it is a tough test. The pictures will be amazing.
    I am working on my own single plane swing and really like the way you
    explain things and I’m inspired that you were able to dig it out of the
    dirt with work and I know I’ll be able to do the same with work. Thanks

  2. lgeezy says:

    Nice Chris. Congrats buddy

  3. Diego Diaz says:

    Sunshine and blue skyline… Again !!! Don’t you guys over there ever get
    bored of It ? 

  4. rianco says:

    that would of been an awesome “on course” video of victor. please do some
    course vlogs with victor in the future! a nice long video would be great
    with you and him on the course.

  5. Sgt Pepper says:

    What magazine is it,todays golfer,golf monthly or golf world?

  6. Sam Tamberelli says:

    I am very excited about the book! You will have my support!

  7. Mark Gillespie says:

    A 29 didnt get him into the qualifier?

  8. ekkoinverted says:

    Bring on the book. Can’t wait!

  9. tincup1268 says:

    For those of you wondering, he shot a 79 and got 2nd to last place on a
    course that is just over 6400 yards. Don’t understand how since he said in
    his last video he shoots mid 60’s consistently and this course is super
    short and easy. Took 6 under to qualify with the winner shooting 8 under.
    No negativity meant here, just trying to understand…. Someone fill me in!

    • slappy0077 says:

      It’s rather simple really….he just plain choked. 19 years old is a bit
      young to be thrown into this pressure cooker. I tried as a 21 year old
      amateur for Riviera and couldn’t maintain my composure. My old mate Bobby
      May did it in high school so there have been exceptions, but he needs time
      to mature.

    • tincup1268 says:

      +slappy0077 Guess that makes sense. Such a bold statement to say you shoot
      in the mid 60’s almost every round….just saying….

  10. Leslie says:

    I re-read the 5 Lessons. Now I understand the fundamentals. Wow! I look
    forward to my Best golf ever! 

  11. gerald chessen says:

    If I keep it under the glass, as you suggest, I shank it? Any guess why?

    • myswingevolution says:

      You’re too close to the ball. By staying down, the clubhead will be
      farther away from your body. You have to create some space like I did with
      my brother.

  12. eric hughes says:

    It is ironic that you mock the idea of keeping the club in front of you,
    yet you do a great job of keeping your hands/grip in front of your torso
    through your swing. Maybe it’s a matter of interpretation of what keeping
    the club in front of you means that you take exception to?

    • myswingevolution says:

      That’s fair to say. But, the idea of the clubhead being stuck would only
      apply if your body stalls out and there isn’t enough room for your arms and
      the club when they approach impact.

  13. destroyer defense says:

    Looking good christo,,keep it up man

  14. Mike Williams says:

    I would like to ask a question? Do u have to have a certain body type to
    make your swing look like Ben hogan I mean I Ben watching his swing since I
    was 10 an I’m 31 now an I still can’t get ther can you help me understand ?

    • myswingevolution says:

      You can have Hogan’s fundmentals no matter what your body type is. Do you
      have any swing videos I could see?

  15. Mike Williams says:

    Yes I do I can email them only I am using an iPad don’t know how to post
    videos on YouTube 

  16. Mike Williams says:

    You know what I just posted a video didn’t see the option in my camera roll

  17. Curt Saathoff says:

    Not trying to be negative, but how does a guy who hits it as far as he
    does, shoot 79 (with a birdie on the first hole) on a 6,400 yard long golf
    course? I know he’s your friend and like I stated, I am not trying to be
    negative. How does he shoot in the mid 60’s all the time (as he claims) and
    shoot 29 and then shoot 79 and also 76, 76, and a 79 in Q-School? It
    doesn’t make any sense at all. I do wish him luck and I wish him the best
    in pursuing his golf career. Maybe he should see a sports psychologist?
    Being a long time pro and one who has competed on the P.G.A. Tour myself,
    his results in tournaments do not make sense. I love your video’s. .

  18. Mark Conroy says:

    great stuff – look forward to the book

  19. James Ruhnke says:

    I will buy your book for certain and here are my reasons…
    1. You put in four years of learning the Hogan swing. That means you
    actually understand what Hogan was saying and what you are saying. Most
    authors just read his books and start theorizing. That is worthless. You
    “Dug it Out of the Dirt”.

    2. Your videos are clear, concise and extremely well thought out. They are
    fun. Your book will be the same.

    3. I have no real intention of making any major swing changes at my age. I
    figure I got maybe 6 years of golf left in me before my spine totally
    explodes due to a degenerative injury. But, I still love to think golf, to
    investigate golf and to play golf. I think your book will end up with a
    permanent spot in my bookcase.

    I’ll wait until it is in print because sitting in front of the computer
    isn’t my style. I like a recliner, a good cup of coffee and something that
    smells like paper and ink in my paws.

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