Nelson-Snead-Hogan America’s Great Triumvirate

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

A short documentary about Byron Nelson, Sam Snead and Ben Hogan

All 3 men were world class at the top of their profession as golfers… All were born in 1912….almost exactly 100 years ago
Whilst most of us never had the opportunity to see them play, marvelous footage such as this still allows us to enjoy their golf swings.

9 Responses to “Nelson-Snead-Hogan America’s Great Triumvirate”

  1. 45oldbear says:

    All great players, two great gentlemen and one prick, but with a killer

  2. lawr66 says:

    At 0:39 notice Nelson chipping over the stymie.

  3. Marc Haring says:

    Neil Coles won over six decades as well. 50’s to 2000’s

  4. scotty90ceee says:

    Who is the prick?

  5. Carolyn Argabright says:

    Snead looks like “Gomer Pyle”.

  6. stephen f says:

    You ought to know a guy personally before you call him a “prick.” What you
    know is what you’ve read and heard.

  7. pvtcartman says:

    Sam Snead was not from West Virginia, he was from Hot Springs, Virginia.

  8. adb70 says:

    Three complex human beings; three indisputably great players. Amazing they
    were all born in the same year. 

  9. Marc Haring says:

    Snead they said had only one competitive performance over the other side of
    the pond. Incorrect as he won the Canada Cup with Hogan in I think 1956 at
    Wentworth and also had a couple of Ryder Cups. He also took part in the
    1962 British Open and I saw him play in a Bob Hope Classic in about 1980.
    In fact he was 5 under par for nine holes and about 70 at the time. Also as
    for no one else winning pro events in 6 different decades, Neil Coles did
    it when he won a senior event in 2000. 

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