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The new Ben Hogan irons are finally out and they are a wonder to behold. To my eye they are a blend of the classic Ben Hogan dual-muscle design combined with a touch of the Mizuno cut-muscle design! Also, they come in loft designation instead of traditional numbering!!! I've been asking for that for a few years now. Very ballsy, and all genius. 5 STARS!!!

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  1. Zigeuner Bengel says:

    I’ve seen some pictures of the top line of the new clubs. I must say,
    although their backs look nice, the bigger top line is just awful and will
    probably be a cause, why some people will not buy them.

  2. thegolfghoul says:

    PLEASE grow a mustache. Thx

  3. Joe Wiseman says:

    I like how you cut the teaser pics into the stock Hogan ad. Lots of people
    had negative feelings for that ad. I quite liked it myself. And I also
    enjoyed the soundtrack they used, and again, how you cut that in to your
    video. Sorry for being a kissass…


    I love the fact the new irons have the loft number on it vs the iron number.
    Iron lofts are all over the place these days and I would rather just see
    the loft.

  5. Joseph Bernal says:

    I think the right foot should be more planted and roll through the target
    instead up at the ball 

  6. Joe Scopelite says:

    Christo, Are you going to make a point of demo’ing the new Hogan irons and
    do a review? I’d like to know what you think.

    • myswingevolution says:

      I hope so. Maybe I’ll get one, or two in the mail? 🙂

    • 1badduc996 says:

      +myswingevolution They should send you a whole set for that brilliant
      editing and promoting of their brand you did. I personally am and always
      have been a mizuno guy, these look nice and if their american made I might
      be in.

  7. ubb4me says:

    Lofts can be adjusted so I am not a fan of putting lofts onto the irons. I
    loved the old hogan blades but these are not as pretty but I guess
    playability is what sells. Even so, its nice to see the Hogan name return
    to golf. BTW Christo, what is the glove in your back pocket used for? LOL.
    You obviously dont need it.

    • myswingevolution says:

      I keep a glove for the summer when my hands get sweaty, but you know, I
      forgot it was back there. Then, I found a use. When I was editing this
      video, I used it as a reference for the exact moment I knew my hips had
      “turned the corner”. So, I’ve got that going for me.

  8. DomiNate says:

    I was disappointed to find they are forged in China and not a fan of the
    top line or the loft numbers. I want to be able to say it’s a 9 and not a
    44 degree or whatever is. Just my opinion, I’m gonna stick with my pc’s
    that I bag now. Those are true ft. Worths. Christo loving the dropping look
    into the shot, great compression. “Don’t do anything that is not natural to
    you”- Beg Hogan.

    • robert brunner says:


    • robert brunner says:

      +DomiNate I just purchased a set of the new Hogans and after playing golf
      for 55 years I have never experience an iron of this caliber….goodbye
      AP2″s. Every iron is as easy to hit as the next. Personally knowing MR.
      Hogan and his on going quest for perfection he would be proud!

  9. historicus146 says:

    The key will be who the Hogan Co gets to play the irons…
    If..if they get the right guy…and if he is successful with the
    irons….and if the irons are as good
    as they look….lots of ifs….
    It could be a rebirth of the Hogan clubs…
    Good move on going back to Ft Worth….seems they are dedicated to the
    BTW…it does look like the hip is tender…

  10. drrob1963 says:

    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

  11. Rob W says:

    lol,, no way hogan would ask a caddy for a 24 degree club

  12. Brendan Horton says:

    Christo, great to see the Ben Hogan name stamped on a new set of irons. I
    hope these will live up to the standard.

    While we’re all looking at the latest, I’m remembering that the set of
    irons that the man himself used during the historic Triple Crown run of
    1953 was recently on auction.

    You can see them here:

    The final bid was a mere $52,000. The pictures are especially cool —
    doctored with lead tape and worn; the cord grips he used; and a nine iron
    from a different model. It’s hard to believe he achieved that unprecedented
    level of precision and accuracy with these clubs. The Precision model that
    he release as his first model of Ben Hogan clubs was far more elegant than
    these MacGregor Ben Hogan Personal Model from his 1953 run. These appear to
    have far more wear than just that year, when he only played in five
    official events.

    Maybe you did a video on this and I missed. Keep up the great stuff.

    • myswingevolution says:

      I find it interesting that he build so much weight into the middle of the
      iron, not at the bottom. He was delofting it a ton, and must have drilled
      the crud out of the ball!

  13. Brad Holtzclaw says:

    Mizuno Mp4…..need i say more.

  14. Serg Kaizen says:

    Can you please share the thoughts in your head from address to waggle to
    committing to a shot to backswing reaching the top and pulling the trigger.
    Mechanics and fundamentals are essentials but you know as well as I that
    this game is played between our ears more than between tee box to green.
    Alson help me with the arm press move you make before the start of your
    swing im fascinated by it. TY Sir

  15. mark k says:

    Christo.. Im loving your videos! you have a nice high finish… but you
    lose spine angle a hair early. Just a friendly observation. Hogan
    finished high too. at impact Ive noticed Mickelson straightens up too.
    almost looks like the chest is coming upward during the stretch feel at
    impact. pretty swing bud!

  16. Dominic Scaletta Golf says:

    Any chance you will be coming to Illinois in the future? I would love to
    play a round with you! 

  17. Ligerpride says:

    Love the swing and the homage to Hogan! Much respect.

  18. R L says:

    Hogan ft 15 vs Muira’s?

  19. guitarnut Del says:

    Great looking Hoganesque style swing! The master lives on.

  20. LoveAllTrustFew says:

    Hips, shoulder, arms then hands!

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