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Learn Ben Hogans Secret

We all know how important the grip is. Let's take a look at how three of the great ball strikers of all time, Jack Nicklaus – Moe Norman – Ben Hogan, describe how they gripped their clubs.

I'm pretty sure you, like me, are going to be surprised at how different these 3 grips are.

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  1. chiroted says:

    Jeff – I’m betting that you and I have studied golf a lot. I know I’ve read
    many books, magazines, taken lessons, watched lots of videos, bought many
    training aids etc. There is no Standard anything in golf. There are general
    principles. And some days those principles work better than others. For
    example the PGA Championship course suited certain golfers and not others.
    My current favorite instructors are: Todd & Tim Grave, Lynn Blake and Shawn
    Clement – each has YouTube videos to check out.


    @golfdoconline Sir, I like the Moe Norman right hand grip the best. The
    reason is that it is the strongest of the three. I think like Moe did, you
    don’t swing a hammer with your fingers because you don’t have as much
    control. I just wish I had learned this years ago.

  3. fradaja says:

    yes i agree the “grip facists” talk rubbish

  4. qpidschkhold says:

    great video and a perfectly wonderful conclusion….good luck, and have a
    good game of golf.

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