Practice Like Ben Hogan: The Centerline Drill

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

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Practice Like Ben Hogan: The Centerline Drill

In this video, goes over practicing like Ben Hogan and his ability to shape shots. We give you a great drill to help you practice like Ben Hogan so that you can start shaping shots, hitting both a fade, a draw, and also learning how to practice those moves correctly.

We are going to apply the 40-60 Rule which is basically the best way to really improve your golf game during practice. When applying the 40-60 Rule we want to be sure we are setting realistic practice goals. And we want to be achieving those goals 40-60% of the time. Now, in Ben Hogans practices he also applies a similar method.

In this video, we will use the Center Line Drill to apply the 40-60 Rule for improvement by starting off with just a fade and a draw. For further FREE instruction, we have also attached a link and preview of the "4 Keys to Swing Speed" Premium video from the RotarySwing website, Good luck on your golf game!

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"Practice Like Ben Hogan: The Centerline Drill"

8 Responses to “Practice Like Ben Hogan: The Centerline Drill”

  1. westonp80 says:

    Geez, to think we’ve come sooooo far in our history that we can now replace
    caddies with a simple flag at the driving range ;-)

    • Golf Instruction says:

      Haha! Talk about a tough job. “Go stand out in that field while I hit 3
      irons at you!” Thats one job where you hope your boss isn’t very accurate.

  2. Jonn Katt says:

    i love it

  3. Ronnie Snowden says:

    Clay, could you please do some videos with Holly Sonders? Thanks….

  4. Cecil Ayers says:

    I really like this drill. I use it all the time. You could not have made it
    more clear, good job!

  5. bertinorossi says:

    Ahem, sorry but I believe Mr Hogan squared his club face early in the
    downswing with his pronatation and flexion of the left wrist (aka “The
    Hogan Roll”) and never twisted it shut or held it open to shape his shots,
    he almost certainly used swing path and club face alignment which he set-up
    and practiced at address to fade and draw, saying all this I have to
    confess I don’t know how he hit a high shot.
    Mat R. aka Dexter (tech house)

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