Rocco Mediate and Jimmy Ballard on Ben Hogan’s Golf Swing and a Connection

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

In this golf swing video Jimmy Ballard discusses his golf training / teaching method called, "Connection." Tying everything together in an athletic position for a proper golf swing.

Jimmy Ballard's "Connection" DVD along with the Vharness golf swing trainer will teach you proper form through your golf swing.

26 Responses to “Rocco Mediate and Jimmy Ballard on Ben Hogan’s Golf Swing and a Connection”

  1. IRON LYON says:

    It makes the swing smoother, and I feel easier to time. But it’s not for

  2. stevecrider says:

    This swing style changed my game! I now feel like a real player.
    So simple a dummy can do this. Thanks!!!

  3. DASH1ful says:

    the difference between throwing a sack of spuds and swinging a golf club is
    that the club moves to the left side (target side) of the hands in the
    second half of the back-swing, and transferring the weight onto the right
    side can only hinder this movement. i do agree that a connected swing is
    correct but i do think that the connection should be acausal and not
    causal. one big fault that we have is that we try to prevent the upper part
    of the right arm from being able to hub against the body thru the course of
    the back-swing. but the upper part of the right arm has to be allowed to
    hub against the body to push the shoulders around, and to enable the right
    elbow to point down at the top. this will happen if we do what jones and
    hogan did and allow the right elbow to move back in the direction that it
    points at address. the left arm then will be connected across the body at
    the top. 

  4. Gene Williamson says:

    Great fundamental for I PC on plane takeaway. Limiting hip turn to inside
    of thighs improves down swing and rotational weight transfer. (No excessive

  5. charminglad124 says:

    I wish his mouth was a little slower…I would like to have heard from
    Rocco, great spirit…

  6. grampy thirteen says:

    I took lessons from Jimmy in the mid 1980s. He had a lot of good ideas, but
    most players took his ideas and converted them into their swings in their
    own way. I remember a lot of his teachings, especially the thought that the
    arms are flung by the shoulders both back and through. Hence the saying
    “the arms are flung, not swung”. This thought produces a swing somewhat
    like Jason Dufner.

    • ShakotanFC says:

      Perfect example of what you.just described… You misunderstand what
      Ballard is teaching. He advocates a swing that goes up and not around…
      Think Nicklaus or Watson, not dufner. Swings that last a long time, not a
      few years.

  7. E. G. Flores says:

    He takes all the BS theory out of the swing and keeps it simple. If you
    don’t understand what he teaches, then you will never understand golf and
    will continue to fiddle around with your swing all of your life. 

  8. Tony A says:

    Poor Rocco!! Couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

    • Mark Downing says:

      +Tony A This is what I was saying, Rocco looked like he wanted to say
      something but this guy just kept rambling!

  9. Romband1919 says:

    Common let Rocco talk 

  10. whetedge says:

    This is a VERY hard principle to learn, especially for someone who has
    swung differently for a long time, because the feel is totally different.
    Once learned though, the results are simply astounding. When I do manage to
    fight off the old ingrained demons and keep the arms connected, I simply
    rotate the arm pits, feeling absolutely no movement of the flesh there. The
    arc feels so short, but the ball pops off the club face with a power I
    never knew before. Once learned, there is zero timing of anything to worry
    about. This is true swinging of the club with core power. How I wish I had
    this knowledge in my youth.

  11. Mark Ingram says:

    Always loved Jimmy Ballard instruction. Sort of similar to wild Bill

  12. Brian Griffin says:

    Whetedge has it spot on, when you first try it is so easy to chicken out
    halfway through the swing and either make a big arc or come over the top
    but I urge anyone struggling with their game watch this instruction and
    then commit to it no matter what the results. Then keep re visiting it
    untill you get it right, it is so simple and the consistancy of ball flight
    is worth it. Give a club to a non golfer and ask them to make a back swing
    , it will always be narrow so that tells me it is a natural move, I know
    some people will say you will never hit a ball 350yds and that Rory doesn’t
    swing like this but you will find the slot on the way down and you will
    more than likely become more consistant.

  13. Mark Downing says:

    This guy should shut his mouth and let Rocco speak, just goes on and on :-/

    • JJ Ayers says:

      Rocco needs help. Just because he can play doesnt mean Rocco can tell the
      public what he does fundamentally. In fact Rocco went back to Rick Smith
      again trying to get lower and rotate. Once again an example of a tour pro
      searching and seeing his game deteriate again bak to zero wins. Look at C
      Strange when he left and went to Haney. Game over

    • Mark Downing says:

      +JJ Ayers Im just saying the guy rambles on and on and on, I would rather
      here what Rocco has to say but he can’t get a word in edge wise with this
      blabber mouth speaking non stop!

    • Mark Downing says:

      +gee gee k Anytime you wanna play for some dough let me know!

    • Mark Downing says:

      +Chris Beard Why you gotta hate man?

    • Mark Downing says:

      +D Martins Again why you gotta hate?

  14. JJ Ayers says:

    Jimmy B : can u demonstrate how to keep the radius ulof the swing while
    folding the elbows without angles. Thats confusing for it seems the folding
    would narrow ur width. Please explain!

  15. JJ Ayers says:

    Leadbetter also has waaaaaaaaay to much angle in his A swing he’s tryn to
    sell people. I had to laugh and cry for folks when he said folks started
    shanking !!!!! Leadbetter is putting people in stuck positions in the
    downswing will be searching how to flip the hell out of it. Ballard
    eliminats angles and simplifies the swing. No angles no flip just pure load
    and unload that helps those of us that dont want back surgery

  16. gabrielle aujard says:

    E.G Flores is spot on this method works simple and effective

  17. P SMITH says:

    IMHO, this is the reason why recreational golfers get into problems – golf
    instruction which preaches limiting freedom of movement. When we do any
    sporting activity , we don’t think about connection because our body is
    already connected (thank you very much – that’s what muscles, tendons and
    ligaments do ). How one can get ‘disconnected’ is beyond me, unless you can
    somehow temporarily sever one muscle segment from another. Try hitting a
    baseball by thinking about connecting either /both your upper arms to your
    pecs or hitting a two handed tennis backhand. We need golf instruction that
    makes the game fun , easy and stress free , not a straitjacket set of
    thoughts that hamper us.

  18. Larry McCraw says:

    You can’t get much simpler than this. Does it work? Well Rocco took Tiger
    to OT so I guess maybe it does.

  19. HALF MT says:

    At 5:30 of this video Jimmy says not to do exactly what Dustin Johnson does
    at the beginning of Dustin’s back swing…Hmmm?

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