Smashing a Power Release As Ben Hogan & Jack Nicklaus Expressed

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

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One Response to “Smashing a Power Release As Ben Hogan & Jack Nicklaus Expressed”

  1. Mike Rodrick says:

    This seems to be an action that for most would lead to casting & losing the
    speed long before impact resulting in weak shots. This doesn’t seem to be
    the same action as the heavy heavy video. My issue is that I’m not creating
    the woosh sound at the bottom of my swing. I don’t feel that it’s a grip
    pressure issue but the long heard statement is that of holding a bird. How
    can anyone measure that? If the clubhead doesn’t feel heavy, it’s probably
    pressure or muscle tension correct? I should be able to feel the weight of
    the club thru the entire swing? This is really the only issue I have so I
    really need to get it resolved. Are there any drills available to create
    this heavy feeling? Thanks!

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