Snead & Hogan & than Snead again!!!

Learn Ben Hogans Secret


11 Responses to “Snead & Hogan & than Snead again!!!”

  1. KOC says:

    WoW…Would you tell where this clip came from?

  2. John Dochety says:

    KOC, I don’t know either…this was a DVD given to me filled w/ a lot of
    old clips from the 50’s,60’s,&70’s…forgot about it until I started to do
    some winter cleaning and organized my dvd collection 🙂

  3. Tigersmundo says:

    Thank you again Lake awesome clip of Mr Ben Hogan!!!! JuNiOR/Tigersworld

  4. John Dochety says:

    Glad you liked it…. I can’t get enough of watching those guys swing
    either 🙂

  5. jpsartrean says:

    Is there any more footage of any kind of Hogan?? Many, MANY thanks…

  6. John Dochety says:

    My guess is there’s a lot more that has not been put up on Youtube…from
    old telecast…tv appearances…private cameras…etc. I would bet the
    networks have a big library…like that video of Hogan from above…where’s
    address and backswing?

  7. westhubbard says:

    You’re kidding, right?

  8. westhubbard says:

    Check it out. That’s Tiger Woods’ dad behind Snead in the color footage.
    Did anyone else catch that?

  9. wholebrainplanet says:

    I think the swings of Snead and Hogan should be taught today. The modern
    golf swing takes alot of the left foot and knee action out of the move.

  10. Naked Tongues says:

    you grip the club with the left hand (if youre right handed) and then make
    sure the right stays out of the way except at the last to fling the club
    along: thats why a few one arm golfers can hit the ball farther with
    exceptional skill, that is of course, farther than many many many two arm
    golfers. The worst thing you can do with a golf grip is to latch onto the
    club much with the right.

  11. proprioceptive44 says:

    Did anyone notice how much Sneads right foot is turned out

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