Steve Elkington and Sevam1 Discuss Ben Hogan – Five Lessons

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

– Steve Elkington and Mike Maves discuss Ben Hogan's Five Lessons The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. This is part one of a video series that continues at

12 Responses to “Steve Elkington and Sevam1 Discuss Ben Hogan – Five Lessons”

  1. Karl_irl says:

    Hang on!!! I’ve got “5 lessons” and “Secret’s in the dirt”… your saying
    the club should not be in the fingers but more in the palm??

  2. 2009willwill says:

    @HabloIrlandes more in the plam, just on your left hand I think.

  3. Karl_irl says:

    @2009willwill Thanks Will, I think I may need a lie down in a darkened
    room, I feel like I’ve just discovered that the earth is not flat after all!

  4. Karl_irl says:

    @Farsigh thanks man, I get the right hand, its just the left is so
    different to what the majority of pro’s would teach, that being the club in
    the fingers of the left hand, as opposed to what Mike & Elk are saying re
    what Mr Hogan did, which was across the left palm.

  5. sevam1 says:

    @flowerdrop1 Thats a hoot. If you dont believe that the footwork and the
    pivot run the show which is what The Move was all about then I dont know
    what to say. Ive told people. Ive shown people and when they get it they
    improve. Im not saying that you cant play creditable golf hanging left and
    taking pork chop divots. You can! But there are limitations like with
    anything else.

  6. smithersandburns says:

    This sevam guy sure is in love with himself.

  7. Brendan Horton says:

    Mike and Steve, one thing you don’t show here is the part where Hogan
    balances the club under the butt pad and hooks the left index finger around
    the grip. He then completes the grip by wrapping the rest of the fingers
    and placing the thumb. How does this relate to what you show here? Hawkwatch

  8. paulski5 says:

    Interesting about extending the arms Mike. It flattens your left wrist and
    bends your right, eh?

  9. HALF MT says:

    Hello Sevam, I love your videos. When you are talking about the left thumb
    (I notice you have no glove too) well, I hit the ball good as far as I can
    tell but I’ve always eventually worn out that thumb area on the
    glove…does that make sense ? I play a lot all year round and need a new
    glove say six times a year. Thanks

  10. sevam1 says:

    @MrLocacat I stopped wearing a glove because I always blew out the thumbs
    and wore out the heel pad area. I also got sick of people saying that it
    was an indication that something was wrong with my grip and trying to get
    me to fix things that I did not believe were broken.

  11. kevskigolf says:

    i agree with Hawkwatch, what is overlooked generally when people are
    talking about hogans grip is how Hogan really described the left hand grip.
    OF THE PALM. pg 20. its not resting in or on, is UNDER.

  12. Richie Dela Merced says:

    Same thing i was thinking. That is not what sevam is showing.

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