The Ben Hogan Swing Project: My current study material as of 2-1-13……The shaft and the downswing

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

I am working on the downswing right now. Focused on the movement of the shaft. I see all these downswings as similar.

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  1. Lavitan87 says:

    very good!

  2. casmdean1 says:

    Ant, any idea if the swings at 1:59 have DTL video from the same session? I
    love that action. My all time favorite. I wish there was more footage of
    post secret pre accident DTL driver swings.

  3. myswingevolution says:

    Great compilation, Anthony! How’s the swing coming along?

  4. sandman4224 says:

    Nice examples of Hogan throwing the club head over his back shoulder using
    centripetal force and with no real pause ( more of a floating transition)
    continues his momentum forward into the whip zone just in front of the
    ball. Pure ball striking!

  5. Jay Z says:

    I like less reverse-K and a more upright finish, where he really swings
    against his left leg.

  6. ant7797 says:

    Going great. I now understand the complete Hogan swing (and Byron Nelson,
    Gary Player, and a few others) For me right now, its hours and hours of
    Drills, drills, drills, repetition, repetition, repetition. And I’m lovin
    every minute of it!

  7. Han_Y0lo says:

    …like a machine punching out bottle caps.

  8. Han_Y0lo says:

    … a beautiful machine

  9. CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

    i’d be interested to hear more of the drills that you are doing, pls

  10. Diego Diaz says:

    Simply the Best !! No question about it.

  11. penprick says:

    Here’s a tip that will get you lower scores faster than standing on the
    range for hours hitting balls. First, you have lots of different shots on
    the golf course; lots of different slopes and lies. Learn to manage your
    game; like hit a 7-iron 120-yds or 160-yds, chip with lots of different
    clubs 7,8, & 9 irons, for example. The only thing you accomplish by hitting
    range balls is grooving a swing on nice, level turf. That alone will seldom
    break par. Hogan clearly understood this.

  12. Jamie Garnett says:

    You droppin’ that right foot back with those longer clubs? If not, don’t
    claim Hogan. He had a very, very specific reason for it. If you’re not
    involving that step and having trouble with hooking, feeling off balance,
    falling back AWAY from the ball on your follow through, or any issues with
    the club grounding out too early with longer clubs, it’s likely because of
    that. I teach the Hogan swing a lot, and most people shy away from the
    right leg adjustment. Big mistake. If you want, contact me.

  13. Jamie Garnett says:

    I am putting together a Hogan based training video, but I’ll be – as far as
    I know – the first one using my own swing. Will probably get some flack for
    it, but I’ve gotten to the point where I literally think about nothing once
    I am set up, and the overlay with Hogans swing is almost identical, except
    for minor differences in our height/club lie angles. I’ll post it on here
    when it’s complete. Then maybe you’ll be more inclined to hear my thoughts.
    Take care keep working at it!

  14. Jamie Garnett says:

    Uhh thank youuu!! haha. We are simply THROWING the club toward the target,
    and the ball is getting in the way. It’s our job to make sure it does so in
    the same spot as often as possible. Every time, if… ya know… we were
    Hogan. Lol. glad to hear someone else put it this way. I say that all the
    time and no one seems to hear me.

  15. Jamie Garnett says:

    Oh.. and the delayed release to the target also works because of the
    bending effect that the acceleration and “whip” effect of the release
    impart on the club. Since the club actually bends and doesn’t straighten
    back out until AFTER the release (milliseconds after, mind you). Given this
    phenomenon, the end of the release of the hands AND body (one in the same),
    takes place after the hands are well past the ball. Hence hogans arm/hand
    position at address matches his position just after release**

  16. FarnzworthIII says:

    The music… Didn’t DMB use this for a song?

  17. sandman4224 says:

    This video confirms my thoughts on Hogan’s wrist/hand hinge being the most
    important part of the consistent ball striking he produced. There is no
    manipulation in the hands.The swing makes it appear that way. The Hogan
    hinge is counter intuitive to the standard hinge of today where perfect
    timing must be practiced to strike the ball consistently. I can see how he
    could go as hard as he wanted on every shot. He was a feel player that
    loved to practice and did he ever find the right feel!

  18. douglas kim says:

    great idea!

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