The Ben Hogan Swing Project: Take 10 – Takeaway/Upswing Focus – 10-25-11

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

elevatedcamRF (right front) comparison. 3i.

I've been working on the DTL view for past couple of months. Now, ready to move on to my next camera angle. I will be doing EVERY camera angle of EVERY video I can get into my posession. That includes Down-the-line, Front-On, Rear, Overhead, Right-Front, Left Front, grid, etc.

Still focusing on the takeaway/upswing. As you saw in the DTL Take 9 swing, I was getting close, but when you see things from a different angle, such as in this elevated view of the Front-Right side, many flaws jump right out of the screen. This is expected, and will happen as I move on to other camera angles. Just part of the territory.

0:00 to 2:28 : is the initial recording; you can see that my right arm/elbow are doing some strange things, and my left arm isn't straight as it should be.

2:33 to 7:15: After about an hour of tweeking and retweeking, I was able to understand how to make the necessary changes that I was satisfied with for now. I understand what the movements feel like…..and what I feel is not real. Now I need to put in whatever amount of practices to further ingrain the feeling. The cool part about this is that I am still able to do my old swing movements. Kinda like if someone were learning a 2nd language…….they can speak the 2nd language fluently, but somehow their original language is still hiding in their throat lol…..

Other glaring issues:
– my impatient left knee
– my impatient hips
– my leaning head
– my low pants/belt buckle
– and another 25 issues that nobody else may see, but I do.

This is getting fun!!! On second thought, I'll probably be stuck working on this camera angle for a couple of months………hmmmm…the fun just ended.

9 Responses to “The Ben Hogan Swing Project: Take 10 – Takeaway/Upswing Focus – 10-25-11”

  1. Mike Truong says:

    I can’t really tell from this angle, but I think hogan is standing a little
    more upright or has less knee bend?

  2. harvey2280 says:

    Sorry…nothing like Hogan. Look at Hogans belt buckle, it turns away from
    the target right to the top of his swing. Hogan also starts to move
    forward, starting his downswing, as he nears the top of his back swing.The
    player on the left, his buckle stops about half way through the back swing,
    the arms only take the club to the top. Weight distribution is way
    different also.The hat looks the same, maybe.

  3. ant7797 says:

    @harvey2280 Harvey, you’re absolutely right regarding the swing and
    positional points; none of it looks like Hogan. But you’re wrong about the
    hat……….it also looks nothing like Hogans. I’m well past this vid. See
    the Take 12 video; that’s where I currently am.

  4. jrupcich says:

    watch the flattening of the left wrist in the takeaway. i don’t think hogan
    did that. he maintained a slight cup all the way back and bent coming
    through. he gained depth in the right hip in the backswing. if you truly
    want to copy him, you should pay close attention to the lower body going
    back. and watch wayne defrancesco’s hogan anaysis. neat project. love hogan.

  5. Tomdog K says:

    Awesome. Looks really close to Hogans Swing

  6. stephen f says:

    Just wondering: Is your point to imitate the mechanics of Hogan, or to
    score better and win tournaments? Or perhaps to get lost in endlessly
    fascinating details of technique (cf. DeFrancesco)? I’m not being ironic or
    sarcastic. I’m asking sincerely. Everybody is playing some game; it’s just
    that they need to be clear about what it is and why it’s worth it.

  7. ant7797 says:

    “This project is a basic test of observational learning. Is it possible to
    teach the body to do an entirely unknown movement using video analysis and
    repetitive training? How close can I come to Hogan’s golf swing?” So, when
    I say Hogan’s golf swing, I’m only referring to the movement of the body.
    Ball contact, trajectory, pure, distance, shaping, etc. has nothing to do
    with it. I am clear with myself why it is worth it. You need to be clear
    about what is is you are doing in your personal goal.

  8. bizallin says:

    painfully slow

  9. Hassan El-Kara says:

    He needs to turn his head more to the right to unristrict his turn ala Jack

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