The Ben Hogan Swing Project: Take 14 – 3/4 swings – 12-15-11

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Still experimenting with lots of things. Haven't put together a solid training plan yet. Won't do that till I can get a basic understanding of a few more things. Only felt like doing some 3/4 swings today. My lower back has been giving me a tough time for the past few days; probably from me doing sort of a backwards lean as I swing through. Kim says I should give it up cause I'm tearing my body down. I say "no way….I'm in too deep and have learned too much." If it gets torn down to the point of needing a back transplant, I'll just work towards the Hogan in the Mr. Rogers yellow sweater. Until then……..ONWARD MEN….ummmmm and women……..C H A R G E !!!!

I am getting soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stinkin tired of this basement. My daughter, the family artist, offered to paint a golf course mural on the white sheet I'm hitting into. 🙂

If the weather is good this weekend, I'm gonna get out in the front yard yard and hit some of those birdieballs onto the neighbors roof. Just hope I don't get that urge to tee up a ProV1 to see if I can fade it around the two houses at the cul de sac.

0:48 5-metal
2:57 Sam Snead 1-wood
3:46 Taylormade Driver 450cc (ball on mat no tee)
4:21 McGregor 5-wood (grip is hard as a rock and feels like plastic. Ball ricocheted up into the girders. Probably hit top of club cause it rotates in my palm from lack of tacky grip.)
5:01 3-metal
5:33 5-metal
6:65 Sam Snead 1-wood slo mo

2 Responses to “The Ben Hogan Swing Project: Take 14 – 3/4 swings – 12-15-11”

  1. 1977mrcheese says:

    Hi, greetings from Great Britain. I think you’ve done a great job
    developing an overall shape of hogans swing. The shape reminds me of Jim
    Hardys one plane swing. I worked on this for 6 mths but I found it hard on
    my back also. I notice you have also had experience in bodybuilding. I also
    train (non competitive and natural). The development of my chest,shoulders
    and arms from weight training made the one plane swing method of leaving
    arms across the body during swing (like hogan) very difficult

  2. Mox_au says:

    have you ever hit one out of the hosle and had it bouncing around the room
    in there? LOL

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