The Ben Hogan Swing Project: Take 26 – Front-on – HCD Takeaway to the top – 4-20-12

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Focus is on takeaway to the top. But I did a few full swings just to see where the mechanics are right now. From takeaway to the top, things are progressing ok. Major thing that need work is my lower body; specifically the left side. It appears to get set too early. I think its outracing the upper body when going to the top. Also, you can't see from this angle, but I'm getting too upright at the top (will do a DTL analysis too). Now I haven't gotten into the transition and after, but wanted to compare what I see anyway. For that portion of the swing, I'm just doing in my mind what I think is happening, although I'll get into the details of it in next few months………..or years.

Things I notice right now:
– I don't fall towards the target during transition. (I'm intentionally just doing the HCD to the top and holding it for a second or two, then I swing around, so there is no type of falling forward momentum).
– My left arm bends from transition and thru rest of dwnswing. (No idea right now).
– My head (eyes) follows the ball. (Because I'm still want to immediately watch where the ball goes)
– My right leg/knee seems to collapse towards the target on the downswing. (No idea right now)

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  1. CafeManning says:

    drew, this is the video. Make sure you check out the others too.

  2. ant7797 says:

    2-6-13: Yeeeeehaw! I now understand what happens from 11:21 to 11:30. And
    why I wasn’t doing it in this practice session.

  3. greeder88 says:

    You can see that your shoulders are turning faster than your arms. I
    visualize a invisible stake coming out of my chest to keep the timing
    right. Works good for putting too.
    Hardest part for me is getting the club head on the right line. He seems to
    put a lot of effort into that.

  4. jimsvideosplace says:

    ant7797.. while I like some of your thoughts .. I have two or three things
    for you to investigate for yourself or think about. Firstly, at the bottom
    of your swing in this video you stand up abruptly.. is it on purpose?
    Secondly, did this particular Ben Hogan swing produce a good result?
    Thirdly, if you look at his surroundings, he is not on a flat surface as
    are you .. but he is tilted slightly with the front foot higher than the
    back due to the ground he is standing on.

    • desertsun100 says:

      +jimsvideosplace Hogan never set up or tilted behind the ball. He was
      always on top of the ball. Sure his driver looks like hes tilted behind but
      thats just from right hand being lower on a long club. At the top of his
      back swing you can see him move over the ball and cover it as he comes down
      through his swing.

    • Coolhand850 says:

      +desertsun100 lol

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