The Ben Hogan Swing Project – Take 57 – HOTC Drill – 3-24-13

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

HOTC Drill. Phase 1

5 Responses to “The Ben Hogan Swing Project – Take 57 – HOTC Drill – 3-24-13”

  1. Odis Griffin says:

    What is this HOTC drill? Also I noticed on the transition that u were
    coming slightly over the top of your backswing plane. Is this your goal or
    just a product of executing the drill you working on? If it is a byproduct
    do u think it will ingrain the wrong muscle memory when you try to work
    your downswing path more underneath backswing plane

  2. CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

    i wish u wouldnt look at the screen when swingng

  3. Joe Coughlin says:

    Cool setup!

  4. Bantamben01 says:

    I think we are working on a very similar move in transition.

  5. swingking83 says:

    2 things… Maybe it’s cause your looking at the screen but you gotta stop
    raising in the backswing. 2 how much improvement have seen?

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