The Hawk

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Ben Hogan home video. Not sure where I got this from. From what I understand, it was shot in Florida '77. I think it's the full length. I could watch The Hawk swing that club all day! Enjoy…

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  1. daniel tracy says:

    amazing swing,so solid at impact

  2. swingtrade2 says:

    the fingers are always coming up. what a great thought for so many reasons.
    never heard any one else say the same.

  3. sooperdavel says:

    wonderful video, too bad it’s not in HD, lol. few, if any, have better
    understood every aspect/detail of their golf swing. seems like a man of few
    words, but when he does speak, you’d better pay attention because it’s
    something important.

  4. swingtrade2 says:

    in ‘modern fundementals’, hogan says the grip lies at the ROOTS of the
    fingers. no other instructor has ever said that! at least not on yuoutube.

  5. Mox_au says:

    this is the last known footage of ben hogan taken by one of his rich
    friends with the understanding it would never be shown to anyone 😛

  6. Mox_au says:

    @silowhore with a club in his hand that is

  7. mbs mrcape says:

    How can anyone watch this video where Hogan is teaching his swing and still
    think that he did not set up behind the ball. Hogan did not stay centered
    or left or stack and tilt. If people would actually research every aspect
    they would actually get it. Most videos on youtube just don’t have the
    proper camera angles.

  8. El Chialeux says:

    wow, thank you for this video, one of the few I never seen!!!

  9. floydian06 says:

    According to James Dodson’s ‘Ben Hogan: An American Life’, this was shot in
    Florida in 1977, at the home of the Hogan’s friends George & Dawn Coleman.
    The 8mm(or is it16mm?) film was supposed to remain private, but somehow was
    pirated and put on the internet. While I think this is a neat piece of
    footage, and a great opportunity to study Ben Hogan’s swing, he would be
    appalled that it had leaked out.

  10. sandman4224 says:

    The swing at 1:55 – you can see the ball splash 🙂

  11. KJ kayjay says:

    Thanks Ben!

  12. sandman4224 says:

    Outstanding video! I’ve learned so much from this! Thank you!

  13. mike hogi says:

    wow very nice thanx 4 sharing

  14. TheNYgolfer says:

    Wow! For all the Golfing Machine enthusiasts out there please note how
    Hogan explains the #3 pressure point at around the 10 minute mark of this
    video. Priceless!! I now know why Hogan said he wished he had 3 right hands

  15. bob e says:

    hogan = deus ex machina

  16. seemlyme says:

    Really cool

  17. Ian L says:

    Thank God for this video!

  18. swingtrade2 says:

    Hogan says last 2 fingers always lifting up. Never heard that before!

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