Learn Ben Hogans Secret

In this video I play excerpts from my appearance on the Golf Unfiltered Podcast, hosted by Adam Fonseca!



  1. says:

    You the man, Christo. Thanks for sharing the love and appearing on the
    show. I’ll be sure to send you a video of my progress as I work through The
    Hogan Code.

  2. Jose Cuervo-drinker says:

    Christo, do you offer a military discount on the Hogan Code DVD? Thanks.

  3. rick petryk says:

    awesome podcast love the martial arts tie in!

  4. sandman4224 says:

    2016 is a completion year in numerology – what ever you may think of that.
    May it bless all of us. Changes will be abound.

  5. Diamnzpuck says:

    yes sandman it does add up to 9. Christo if you ever want to play Bethpage
    Black it’s on me! I feel like I owe you something more from watching The
    Hogan Code I had insane enjoyment from the past 2 rounds i’ve played. This
    is The video that can take any1 to that Next level and A MUST BUY!

    • Justin Case says:

      +Diamnzpuck I just have to pile on the praise as well Diamnzpuck the video
      is worth it’s weight in gold. Plenty of diehards have spent/wasted a whole
      lot of money on a variety of things to improve their game and have gotten
      no where, myself included. Buy “The Hogan Code” people and PRACTICE what
      Christo is preaching. When the video is showing the swing in slow motion
      from a variety of angles WATCH THAT REPEATEDLY, LEARN TO EMULATE THE
      MOVEMENTS STARTING WITH HALF SWINGS, your game is going to improve!!!

  6. don stage says:

    Other golfers started by being a great golfer then they try to describe how
    they did it. Problem is there has always been the feel versus the real.
    Even Hogan talked about starting down by turning his hips, but he had a
    slide he did 1st. What Christo has done here is read the book AND watch
    Hogan swing. He has used that to become a good golfer, allowing him to be
    able to separate feel from real and clearly describe both to us.

    • don stage says:

      +don stage How many pros have said their dad taught them from this same
      book, doing this same journey but from only the student side. Christo is
      both student and teacher, giving him a very unique perspective.

    • myswingevolution says:

      Thanks, Don. I concur.

  7. Fidelis Deus says:

    Christo, congrats! I was just wondering how much getting your clubs fitted
    add to the swing evolution process?

    • myswingevolution says:

      +Fidelis Deus It’s pretty important but I don’t recommend it when you are
      changing your swing. You should get your swing to where you feel pretty
      good about it and then reward yourself with a fitting. Otherwise, you get
      fit for something that will be changing.

    • Fidelis Deus says:

      Thank you. That’s how I’ll proceed.. you’ve been great to watch.

  8. keesonator says:

    Christo, will your video be made available via VIMEO like in the past or
    only via your MSE website?

  9. Nick Smith says:

    wheres the best place to get a ben hogan stylee hat or howzabout you brand
    youer own “the hogan code” hogan style hat? ;)

  10. Stephane Gauthier says:

    Christo, what would you say is your miss with your current swing? I’m
    pretty sure you’ve eliminated more than half the course by now but was just

    • myswingevolution says:

      +Stephane Gauthier When I played that last good round I swung as hard as I
      could with an open face and eliminated the left side of the course. Felt

    • Stephane Gauthier says:

      +myswingevolution Very Nice. that’s what I’m working on too because I had
      enough of perfect strikes going right of right (I’m a lefty) even when
      using an iron for “safety”. I’m working on a few things now but I’m looking
      forward to your video. Cheers

  11. brykidla says:

    It’s time to put your scores “on blast” so to speak and start posting them
    on the GHIN computer so we can see your real handicap. 🙂 Right now it just
    says No Handicap for you. It would help you sell more Hogan Code’s if
    people can see your real round results.

    • myswingevolution says:

      +brykidla Yes. I agree. I’ve been hoping to start getting in tournaments
      this year and posting rounds but I’m only getting to hit a bucket once a
      week and maybe 9 holes. I can still shoot a round over 80 if I am sucking,
      but most of the time it’s in the low single digits. I’ll admit when I have
      a good round I’m the first to brag on my channel. I’m not infallible but
      I’m a good golfer. I have a long way to go but I’m so much better than I
      ever was before.

    • brykidla says:

      +myswingevolution Your swing has gotten so good but we all know life and
      other things get in the way of maintaining your highest level of
      performance. Rust can set in quickly!

      I just got back into playing again regularly after about a 6/7 year break
      and the rust is just barely coming off my game. Watching YouTube channels
      like yours is one of the things that sparked my interest again, so THANK

  12. Esoxfan says:

    Looking forward to watching you on the golf channel someday👍

  13. Hickory Trickory says:

    I think it is great to see your progress over the last few years,your swing
    dynamic has vastly improved. However it is not the Hogan dynamic although
    you have what many have when pursuing Hogans dynamics and that is freeze
    frame positions. To understand Hogan you have to fundamentally understand
    what controls the hands. Nobody has ever got close to understanding Hogans
    true dynamic because they look in the wrong areas. To see you go from 13
    handicap to shooting par on a reasonable course is admirable indeed,well
    done. Success and keep searching.

  14. Stuart Brandt says:

    Wow you are shooting even…………great stuff are you using stuff from
    Martial Arts for your mental game??
    I was having a very hard time with panic attacks and fear and my friend
    gave me three things that
    helped………………………………..Accept, Float and let time
    pass…………when a person chokes in golf it is always fear that stops
    them like you have said I think in one of your videos, trust your swing.
    Keep up the good work.

  15. AnEnormousBBFan says:

    Your swing now is as good as anyone on tour.

  16. normand gravel says:

    I think I am the only golfer with is feet on the ground. I wont say more
    just look at the video (industry hills challenge with be better golf). He
    shoot 46 on the back nine. I don’t think that a pga player play that bad .

  17. Lu lz says:

    I bought the first video…. was not satisfied nothing new really…
    Christo you are sliding on the biz side ! if this is really the sum of your
    research then a lot is missing…..and so it goes in this industry

    • myswingevolution says:

      So, I am confused. Have you seen The Hogan Code? It sounds like you haven’t
      so if that’s the case you don’t know what you’re talking about. The Classic
      swing was a much different video.

  18. Lu lz says:

    To me there’s too much emphasis on biomechanics ! purely swing wise it is a
    misleading approach ! The first and only lesson is how the golf club has
    been designed to perform the task ; then only body will follow not the
    other way around ! I used to follow your evolution and my conviction is
    that you don’t want to “share Everything to the world” sorry to sound like
    a dork but i had to speak my mind and don’t put me in the “hater’s box”
    just to remind that some people out there understands that real honesty is
    hard to find in this sport

    • myswingevolution says:

      Boy, you make it sound pretty easy. After 350+ videos I disagree and
      believe the golf swing is a huge challenge for most folks. Have I not
      shared enough, or worked hard enough for you over the past 5 years? I guess
      it’s never enough, and BTW I’m a very honest person. I appreciate your
      honesty as well.

    • Justin Case says:

      +myswingevolution I personally want to THANK YOU Christo because YOU have
      changed my golf game already and my TRANSFORMATION is just beginning!!! I
      always thought I could play this game…but now I BELIEVE and I owe that to
      YOU CHRISTO GARCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • myswingevolution says:

      Fantastic news! I love hearing success stories like yours.

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