Learn Ben Hogans Secret

The ebook for The Hogan Code is available at!!! Click on THE HOGAN CODE on the left side of the main page. Enter your information, and in a minute you will be redirected to a page where you can return to and download your book! Click on the link and the book will open up. To save the file, move your cursor over the pages and a direction bar will come up on the bottom, and on the left side is a picture of a disk. Click on the disk and you can download the ebook to your computer. My email is in case you need additional info.

25 Responses to “THE HOGAN CODE”

  1. BombTechGolf says:

    Excited for you Christo!

  2. Slicefixer Padawan says:

    Hey Chris I’m a big fan of your progress, but I dont think you are ready to
    write a book based on the Hogan swing. There are some items that I think
    you are getting close, but the back swing and the impact position is not
    what Hogan does. Check out some Dustin Johnson and Jason Duffner at impact.
    Good luck Chris. And check out Geoff Jones on the Hogan Like Swing, and not
    Martin Ayers and the others that dont have the Hogan elements yet.

  3. myswingevolution says:

    I appreciate that you have been watching. It is my opinion as a nationally
    certified personal trainer, 3rd degree black belt, professional ballet
    dancer, and former student of David Ledbetter for 2 years that at the age
    of 44 I would like to write a book about a subject that I am passionate
    about. You do not know what I am writing. I love Geoff Jones’ work, but
    since I know Martin personally I think you are way off discounting his body
    of work. I am writing the book and I hope you like it.

  4. Slicefixer Padawan says:

    Chris Big fan of your work and yes I will be buying a copy of the book.
    About Martin Ayers, I am a fan of his work and have his video from SITD. He
    opened up the back swing and the correct tension for me, but I do not think
    he’s got much of Hogan down. His counter part Mike Maves however has some
    really good insight in to Hogan’s action. Looking forward to your book, and
    I honestly hope you get to see Geoff Jones for a lesson before you publish.

  5. myswingevolution says:

    No, it is not a surprise. Michelle Wie was all good before she landed
    there. I was on the practice tee with Faldo in his heyday. He did his own
    worked and knew what he was doing.

  6. Golfing Idiots says:

    Not that you need to hear this from me or anyone else, but do your thing
    Chris. Write the book and chase your dream. Live life passionately as you
    always have. @DaTimShow who are you to certify an expert?

  7. Diego Diaz says:

    Golfing idiot ? I think you live up to your name. And I also realise some
    comments have removed from here. Thought US was for the free and free
    speech …etc !!!

  8. Roli Rivelino says:

    Man, you’re such a cool dude, I wish you lived in the UK so we could go for
    a round.

  9. L Dupree says:

    If you want to go the safest route, perhaps “The Code” with subtitle of
    “Thoughts on Hogan’s Swing.”

  10. Golfing Idiots says:

    And right. The quote I’m referring to…. DaTimShow stated in another
    comment- “I’m a big fan of your progress, but I dont think you are ready to
    write a book based on the Hogan swing. There are some items that I think
    you are getting close, but the back swing and the impact position is not
    what Hogan does.” Which resulted in my question.

  11. sghsdgdfg says:

    I think that chris have alot of information thats good. Sevam1 said about
    hogan that he learned from everybody. Chris write your book. I think you
    have Great knowledge about the golfswing and we should do like hogan. Learn
    and take infomation about the golfswing from everybody.

  12. Than McDowell says:

    It’s his Youtube page. Freedom of speech means he can decide what comments
    stay or go. If you knock on my door and start babbling, do I have to listen
    to every word you say because of “freedom of speech?”

  13. John Schimenti says:

    Really looking forward to your breaking down the swing in steps. I’m a big
    Hogan fan, but recently I’ve read articles and videos of Bobby Jones. He
    actually had better and more video than Hogan, and many of the fundamental
    ideas are the same. I think because he stopped competing at such a young
    age, Jones had no “secrets” to protect.

  14. Mox_au says:

    I’m a bit of a Hogan nut myself, but I think the greatest ball striker of
    all time was irrefutably Mike Austin. Hogan himself took swing lessons from
    him. And we’re talking about pure striking, not making the ball behave,
    Mike could hit it over 400 with Persimmon wood at will. Nobody has ever hit
    it that good, including Ben Hogan.

  15. Ted Edwards DC says:

    I’m ready for your book. Bring it on. After all you have years and years to
    write revisions and other volumes. So just do it.

  16. myswingevolution says:

    Thanks for the encouragement!!! I’ve written most of it, just working on
    the drills now. Then I have to assemble photos, and do the layout. I’m very
    excited to publish this because I honestly believe it is ground breaking.

  17. Ted Edwards DC says:

    I found you just a couple of nights agoing doing a search for Hogan Elbows.
    Last night I watch a bunch of your videos including the one where you
    stripped the Hogan 2 iron. I get lucky, the weather clears and I play nine
    integrating a little of you and a little of Elk teaching Trent Dilfer. I
    come off the course and a guy pulls up in an old truck. He’s about 30-35
    and he pulls out an old bag of clubs. I glance at them and say are those
    Hogan irons. Eerily enough they are Apex 2’s.

  18. Edgolfguy says:

    A really cool trend in golf books these days is provide links to youtube
    vids to visually help convey a concept. Food for thought for this book or
    if not your next one. Looking forward to it!

  19. Richard Montfort says:

    How’s your book coming along.

  20. Erwin Trace says:

    Cristo- I’m a big fan of your videos. I rarely comment on YT videos and
    felt compelled to. Really nice for someone to expand on what Hogan taught.
    No one has been able to do that yet successfully and from your videos, it’s
    worked for you. I saw in one of your videos you max at 115 mph. I would
    love to do that as my average is low hundreds but max at 106. I always tend
    to use too much upper body still.

    Keep following your dream and listen to the haters only to fuel your drive
    and prove them wrong. I can’t wait for the book. I hope it’s also an eBook
    as I read all of my books on my iPad. I’ll donate as well.

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