The mental game of golf

The Mental Game of Golfing: Losing Your Cool Destroys Your Game

It occurs all the time, to make a difference if you are new to golf or you are a seasoned pro, the psychological sport of golf can get the best of us. When you get in your own head and perform psychological golf, your adrenaline begins to pump, focus is misplaced, muscle tissues tense up and then comes the miss strike. If you cannot learn to shake off a golf shot that did not go the way we prepared and you dwell in your mind playing psychological golf, the snowball effect is certain to occur, causing a downward spiral for the rest of your round.

One particular day after my wife had bought me a shiny new set of golf clubs for Xmas, my brother Chris and I decided to go play a round of golf at one of our favourite courses, Hawk’s Landing in lake Buena Vista, Florida. When my wife and I went to find this new set of irons, driver and fairway woods, I was looking to upgrade to a new set  of clubs that offered a little bit higher overall performance than my old set, providing me an edge on my sport. That working day I was sadly mistaken.

The first couple of holes on the front 9 that working day I performed fair, most likely around my usual, with a couple of tough miss hits. When we made it to the tenth hole I began to truly perform terribly. At the tee on the eleventh I was so in my own head I did not even address the ball correctly and due to the ball becoming too far back again in my stance, I thinned the ball, driving straight into the water. I then went berserk and after taking the drop I hit my next long iron badly. It took six strokes on that hole just to make it to the green, allowing me add a wonderful +12 to my scorecard.

The enjoyment did not stop there, on the fifteenth hole I hit my drive ,ready for a nice long fairway wood shot to the green. So I considered a  much more regular setup, this time attempting to do so patiently. I considered my back swing and due to all the tense muscle tissues in my higher extremities from a prior five holes from hell, I came down very steep, hitting the ball  fat and sending mud, soil and grass spraying through the winter air. This was finally the breaking point–I launched my 3 wood through the air like a javelin. As I stared in bewilderment at my insane behaviour, the golf club moved in sluggish motion toward the golf cart. It struck the golf cart like a cruise missile hitting its goal and the club split clean in half down the middle of the shaft. I spent the next 3 holes attempting to figure out how I was going to explain this to my wife. (Remarkably the store I purchased it from let me return it and exchanged it for another fairway wood).

I suppose the ethical of the story is that the psychological sport of golf is a killer! If you cannot keep your cool under pressure then you are in store for a disappointing round of golf. Even though, because of my insane antics this previous January, I have discovered a couple of easy techniques to help settle myself and to calm down my mind.

One method that I have been using regularly is just taking a couple of deep breaths during my pre-shot schedule. You’d be surprised how a couple of breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth can trigger the parasympathetic anxious method causing the physique to relax. An additional method I use is keeping my mouth slightly open up with my tongue on the roof of my mouth. I discovered this from Golfing Digest, your encounter has five universal muscle tissues and while calming them with an open up mouth, can help trigger a relaxed higher physique. The final method that I use is really an historical eastern method, I chant a mantra. Chanting a mantra retains your mind remained focused like a laser beam on the job at hand.

At the end of the day, my game of golf was just thrown off by a new set of clubs I wasn’t use to. So calm down and use the sport of psychological golf, simply because it can save you a lot of heart ache.

Daniel McNally, Author of Diary of a Newbie Golfer – A weblog that documents the trials and tribulations of these new to golf.

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