The “Missing Link” to Ben Hogan’s Secret

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Learn the Secret Ben Hogan wouldn't share…


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  1. tombertrand1 says:

    @loftboy2000 elevation change from the backswing to the downswing by
    straightening the legs.

  2. jddumas says:

    @christogarcia I recommend a great book that I just read – Mr. Hogan The
    Man I Knew by Kris Tschetter. Hogan often told her that the left hand is
    the steering wheel and the right hand is the power. On page 90, Hogan told
    her that she could hit as hard as she wanted with the right hand once the
    forward swing was started correctly. What Tom demonstrates in his video is
    a crucial element of the steering wheel portion of the swing.

  3. tombertrand1 says:

    @jddumas It was a great read. I’m glad to see more print of what Mr. Hogan
    told John about getting the arms as close together as possible and his
    understanding of the grip.

  4. jimmy lowe says:

    Fantastic advice Tom, I recently began doing this and produced some of the
    best shots I have hit in a long while. I viewed this video sometime last
    year and never applied the concept. Thanks 10x for this and please upload
    more tutorials.

  5. joeboe39 says:

    ohh my god!!!! i was close but i was push slicing everything… after your
    videos i might become a professional. THak you, very clear and easy to
    understand Thank you!!!!!

  6. 45oldbear says:

    Tom, thank you. I have been a Hogan admirer and disciple since the Summer
    of 1957, when I took up golf. I have tried to apply his Five Lessons and
    achieved a fairly high level but saw it slip away. Your lessons really fill
    in the missing information. You are to be commended. The game is so
    special, and to play it well so satisfying.

  7. sandman4224 says:

    Tom, Just finished reading your book and incorporated the lead elbow
    supination drill into my swing and it has proved wonders! I can hit it as
    hard as I want and the ball holds the line – straight, fade, or draw!
    Forget the hands -they just follow along! This is what I have been looking
    for to become competitive at a higher level(3 hcp now). No wonder Hogan
    held back! Thank you 🙂

  8. gmonkey808 says:

    hmmm another great video. Thanks Tom

  9. speakeezie says:

    I love the Hogan swing but I never understood the lay off and left elbow
    move till now which you demonstrated so well. Combined with the Hogan twist
    on the backswing and it all comes together. Thanks for the lesson.

  10. Marc Fauteux says:

    Hey tom do you still check the comments here? the golfing world needs more
    of what you teach. nobody gets it, and all teaching these days seems to
    fight problems that arise from not following the proper principles. its
    like, because of you, I know a “secret” that NOBODY else knows. I just
    watched a short video of Johnny miller explaining hogans ‘secret move’…
    what a bunch of crap.

  11. Rodney Martinez Sr. says:

    I’m a 61 year old duffer who always had trouble getting the club face shut
    at impact. But after watching this video a little over a month ago, my ball
    striking has greatly improved. You were able to give me a vision and a
    feeling that I can repeat over and over. I don’t always hit the ball
    straight, but I’m able to get on track the next swing. So I’m hitting the
    ball straighter and longer, wish I knew this 20 years earlier… Thanks for
    your help….

  12. Jon M says:

    Tom-I am not sure if you will see this but I want to say THANK YOU. This
    was the missing link of my swing. I turned my left elbow in and started
    turning it that level left-and my consistency is through the roof. My
    driver and striking is spot on. This really was the missing link. Thank you
    again-I’m grateful to have found your video.

  13. Edgar Saenz says:

    Thanks Tom. Very useful. Most people still don’t understand that one must
    swing left to hit it straight. Instead of turning my left elbow by though
    is to keep it close to my body and let rotate around my body. This and
    retaining right wrist bend though the ball are in my opinion the key to a
    proper swing

  14. Graham Wiles says:

    Good advice but v hard to incorporate within the fraction of a second it
    takes to come through the hitting area. This move is allied to what Hogan
    was saying about keeping the elbows connected to the body and is the only
    way to square the club at impact without manipulating the hands. Failure to
    rotate that elbow back toward the left hip will result in alot of pushed
    shots. Tough to emulate but Hogan obviously knew what he was talking about.

  15. ygsung123 says:

    as a weekend golfer it may not seem to be possible to put what he said into
    practice. What confuses me most is what turns what. Is the body turn taking
    arms/hands/club to the ball or arms turns body to the target? I feel that
    both works together. I believe that pushing your right elbow down to the
    naval in your down swing turns your body to the target and gets the club
    square to the ball..

    • tombertrand1 says:

      Lead with the lower body on the downswing and the upper body will follow.
      If you have coiled properly, you will have a lot of whip going through the
      impact zone.

  16. Nathaniel Carlson says:

    Tom- I’ve watched some of your videos you do a great job of explaining and
    simplifying subtle motions of the swing. Helped my game out tremendously!
    However, I have heard from multiple sources and seen in the some of best
    players (watched Tiger Woods face-on youtube vid) that you want to lead
    with the left elbow and not externally rotate it until after impact. I have
    tried this method you are teaching in this video and got into a bad habit
    of hitting uncontrollably high shots. Recently I’ve worked on simply
    turning down or bowing the left wrist at impact to square the club face and
    found I could control the ball flight much better with a much more
    compressed hit. Every golf swing is different though and maybe that is just
    what works for me. Just some feedback for thought. Love your vids!

    • tombertrand1 says:

      +Nathaniel Carlson
      Thanks for the feedback. There are a lot of other opinions on the impact
      area, but what I have found, when trying to rotate the left elbow in the
      hitting area on the downswing, it frees up the rotation process not
      allowing any hinderances. Nothing gets in the way and the arms and hands
      can travel faster.

    • George Smith says:

      +Nathaniel Carlson He covered bowing the left wrist in an earlier video
      “Laying off the club” What’s suggested in both these videos if done
      correctly should not produce sky high shots.

  17. chengiggler says:

    What Ben Hogan wrote in 5 lessons was (in caps lock) “THE MAIN THING FOR
    be in direct conflict with what is suggested in this video.

    • tombertrand1 says:

      The information in this video is for more advanced golfers and for other
      students of the game. When Mr. Hogan spoke in his Life Magazine article, he
      talked about rotating the hands back as fast as as far as he could creating
      an early cup in the back of the left hand. You have to eventually give the
      hands a positive purpose or else a negative purpose will rear it’s ugly

    • David Hammer says:

      +tombertrand1 It seems like its for anyone trying the Hogan swing not just
      advanced players, because as you said, if you don’t start to create that
      bow in the wrist the face will be open.

    • George Smith says:

      +chengiggler You must have been watching a different video. He doesn’t say
      a thing about doing something with the hands. He talks about nothing more
      than turning the left elbow inward SO YOU DONT HAVE TO FLIP YOUR HANDS.

  18. Dan o'connell says:

    Tom, thx for helping to make Hogan’s Five Essentials come to life. Great

  19. juarez2010 says:

    Man, I just can’t agree with this. I’ve watched many video’s of Hogan. For
    instance the front left training posted by Ant7797. You just don’t see this
    move and frankly I don’t believe you need it to strike the ball well. I
    believe you, Tom, that John said, that Hogan said to do this. However, I
    believe the video more.

    • tombertrand1 says:

      You have to realize that Mr. Hogan taught John Schlee after 1969. Mr. Hogan
      continued to learn about the swing and formed many different ideas and how
      he would have changed his own swing to make it more consistent. In the
      video on left training, Mr. Hogan lifted his left heel off the ground on
      the backswing but later stated it’s an unnecesssary move. When he taught
      John he said, “The minute you start copying my swing we are done.” As far
      as the move goes, you train yourself to TRY and turn the left elbow toward
      the left hip in the hitting area, but centrifugal force won’t allow it
      completely. But the more you try, the smoother the clubface sails through
      the impact zone.

  20. Ninja_Prime says:

    I only discovered this move a few weeks ago, after watching some videos on
    Youtube, I practised this move at home and then took it to the driving
    range. Wow, what a difference it made to my distance and accuracy. I was
    really surprised, as I found I could send the ball really far with such a
    shallow backswing. The turning of the left elbow generates so much power I
    was amazed that the balls were flying off as far as when I did a full high
    back swing…

    • tombertrand1 says:

      Mr. Hogan didn’t want to hit the golf ball, he wanted to have a feeling of
      capturing the ball on the clubface and slinging it toward his target. This
      move helps establish that feeling.

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