The Move Part 2 – Ben Hogan Golf Pivot

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

– Resist Rise Release and Roll. Discussing the Hogan Pivot.

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  1. NigelSinnott says:

    watch my golf swing!!!

  2. El Chialeux says:

    Hi Mike! Don’t think you will ever see this… but thanks a million! I’ve
    been obsessed by golf for a couple of years, and you made me realize how
    much, which is almost not at all, I’ve been using my lower body. Somehow,
    I’ve been able to play well with an all upper body move, with hip rotation,
    but with no weight transfert. With this tip, I felt for the first time ever
    what a real pivot feels like. I was pure joy, I’ve hit the best shots of my
    life, in ONE practice. It’s only a start. THANKS

  3. BandanaP says:

    This guy is awesome, judging by his voice he might be a Canadian as well
    which is double awesome.

  4. mrkeneken says:

    Love that dog…

  5. peartfaldo says:

    Great vids. BTW…Do you like Rush???

  6. holyrocnroll says:

    Sevam1, do you have a video on the pane of glass from 5 lessons? The plane
    seems to be a very prevalent part in hogans teaching does that have
    anything to do with the move? anything on that would be very nice because I
    am completely confused about it! Thanks for the great videos!!!!!!!!

  7. mathieroy says:

    i can now shoot almost 200 yards with only a 8 iron. without force the
    shot. tanks man

  8. Juan Avila says:

    the BEST explanation about weight distribution, and how to have BALANCE
    through the shot!! great explaniton Sevam1

  9. Jarrette Schule says:

    that dog cracks me up

  10. longdriver247 says:

    mike, i always watch this and the 1st move to refresh tony from ngw was
    saying your smash factor never changes wow.

  11. sevam1 says:

    His FlightScope setup is really cool. I was kind of happy with the
    consistency of the numbers it was spitting out. I’m a little slower now
    that I am older, less fit and not really playing anymore but the thing that
    I always wanted really was just to be able to hit it on the button with a
    lot of frequency….. So having the smash factor numbers come up in a tight
    range was pretty pleasing to me. Would like to get on that machine one day
    with my gamers and see what those numbers look like..

  12. Coby Callender says:

    Great videos! Its interesting how much lateral movement you have
    comparative to your flat backswing (similar to Hogan and Moe). How do you
    gage how much lateral motion to implament???

  13. sevam1 says:

    The wider the stance I take the more lateral movement. I don’t concern
    myself much about how far I move. Rather, I concern myself with keeping the
    pressure on the insides of my feet. I make a little move off of the ball to
    start my swing. That’s what puts some early speed into the club head which
    is something that I like to do. From there I have something in my hands
    that I can feel and react to.

  14. MrFahnatic says:

    I’m confused. What do you mean turning your feet clockwise in the ground
    and posting up on the left leg? Can anyone help me I don’t get it

  15. Chosen 1 says:

    I’ve tinkered with this and it works I’ve never, especially with my irons
    made contact like I have in the last few week s. Just one question and I
    hope someone can help me. From once you start the torque in both feet.
    While in the address position is your toes in the air the whole time from
    address to the end of the swing. Best advice I’ve ever had. Thanks

  16. J Brod says:

    Casey is the star of the show… I hope or Wish I could hit is like Mike
    some day..

    Thanks for sharing.

    What a beautiful place to live. 

  17. g scribling says:

    It only took a few seconds to absolutely hate the person off camera. Shut
    the hell up!

  18. Paulie777 says:

    Genius golf instruction, a funny dog, and an annoying cameraman all in one
    video! Thanks for the valuable insight.

  19. 60DegreeLobWedge says:

    How good is cameraman now 8 years later? Is he breaking 80? Breaking par?

  20. 60DegreeLobWedge says:

    How good is cameraman now 8 years later? Is he breaking 80? Breaking par?

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