The Myth of Hogan and the One Plane Swing

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My point is this: teach what you want, but don't claim Ben Hogan as your ally and state that he did things that support your theories if you have no evidence of that being the case. The evidence is fully lined up against Hardy's claims.

25 Responses to “The Myth of Hogan and the One Plane Swing”

  1. Wayne Defrancesco says:

    Hogan was thicker in the waist in 65. Watch the elbow movement in
    transition and tell me how it is staying up and back. Also, why use
    Hogan’s swing in 65? He won his last major in 53 and barely played after
    that, winning only twice more. Hardy calls it his “later competitive
    career”, but he really didn’t have one. Hogan stated that he never hit the
    ball better than he did before the accident, and every swing and
    demonstration from Power Golf to the 5 Lessons shows sidearm throwing with
    the elbow driving inward in front of the ribcage. You’re just seeing what
    you want to see, much like Hardy. I’m not the one who is all wet. 

  2. Wayne Defrancesco says:

    Sure, his ball striking was always great, using the same right arm action
    from the 30’s to the 40’s to the 50’s and 60’s. He never changed the way
    he moved the upper arm and elbow. He described the throwing motion in the
    5 Lessons, and he demonstrated the sidearm throwing motion with the elbow
    leading every time he was filmed giving instruction. Watch the slow motion
    driver at the end of the Snead match. See his elbow appear under the left
    arm as soon as he starts down? Now look at the wedge shot into the par 5
    from down the line. The hands move out to the ball and the shaft kicks
    back and shallows. The elbow moves in the same path initially as the
    hands. It is this first movement that is the key. If you do what Hardy
    suggests the shaft will steepen initially, the elbow would stay above the
    left arm, the hands would drop straight down, and the right forearm would
    tip to more horizontal. You will never be able to show me or anybody else
    a Hogan swing that does any of that, because he never did it. That is my
    beef with Hardy, and if you don’t see that he is wrong then you can go
    ahead and swing like Chris Connelly all you want. If you watch my analysis
    of Pernice you will see that he moves his arm and elbow like Hogan in spite
    of working with Hardy. 

  3. sethisawesome says:

    Doesn’t Hogan say in Five Lessons that the swing actually has two planes? I
    seem to remember him explicitly saying that the downswing plane is always
    shallower than the backswing plane.

  4. jduncanm3golf says:

    thanks Wayne for clearly exposing the “One Plane Swing” farce. that Hardy
    guy had myself and a lot of others fooled there when his stuff first came
    out. Then our deteriorating games, and subsequent comparison to Hogan
    exposed One Plane as the convoluted, caustic mess it is. They want people
    to treat Hardy as some kind of classy, genius … he’s neither. Matter of
    fact, he had any class he’d publicly state how wrong he was and offer a

  5. Healthy Non-Conformism says:

    Good ol’ Wayne …. the bs buster!
    You’ll have a full-time job here on YouTube ;-)

  6. martinkp76 says:

    you said my man! it is the right elbow starting the downswing, not down but
    side way to the target

  7. golfinguna says:

    Hi Wayne I cannot understand why people are knocking you. You tube is full
    of guys using Hogan and Mo Norman to flog there useless DVDs most of them
    never get any where near the swings of these guys. They are simply in it to
    fool gullible beginners into parting with their cash. thanks for
    highlighting this particular video.

  8. golfinguna says:

    Actually there is one right alongside these posts. KIRK JUNGE he claims to
    have invented the minimalist swing which he states I close my body to the
    target line and drop my right arm lower….??????? yup that’s the new
    minimalist swing based on the Mo Norman swing. He has a dozen or so videos
    all virtually the same all aimed at the gullible beginner all trying to
    flog his DVDs what is really laughable is, his swing is atrocious. He
    hunches over the ball, his elbows flare out and his legs are totally
    disconnected??? These guys with their video adverts should be taken off You
    Tube it`s almost fraudulent?

    • P SMITH says:

      Kirk Junge doesn’t flog any DVDs. His drills are free of charge if you sign
      up, see them , then cancel before 14 days. No charge. His definition of
      single plane is where ‘set-up plane’ at address is same as at impact. It
      doesn’t mean that the swing is on one single plane throughout the swing
      (only address and impact).

  9. ar harris says:

    Your video is interesting. You say what you think. But I wanted to ask you
    about the so-called one plane swing. Hogan (in his book the Modern
    Fundamentals) described his swing as a two swing plane: the backswing plane
    he defined as a line connecting the ball through his shoulders at the top
    of the backswing. The downswing plane he described as being more shallow.
    He pictured the two planes as being planes of glass resting on his
    shoulders with a hold for his head to fit through. The downswing plane
    obviously would generate an inside out move, whereas an outside in move
    (over the top) would have the clubhead crashing into the backswing plane.
    It seems to me that a video of a golf swing could create, digitally, these
    two planes and would show that in fact all players have a two swing plane
    even though some of the planes are closer together than many. 

    • Wayne Defrancesco says:

      Allan: I agree with almost everything Hogan wrote and demonstrated but I
      think his idea of swing plane, while visually effective, is not the way I
      would prefer to present it. The lower downswing plane that tilts out to
      the right would suggest that the hands would drop down from the top, when
      actually Hogan’s hands went outward toward the ball or above it. It was
      his shaft that kicked back and flattened and I think that gave him the
      feeling that he describes in the book, which, by the way, is “The Five
      Lessons”, not the Five Fundamentals.

    • fgrimley32 says:

      +Wayne Defrancesco You need to read what he wrote. He called Hogan’s book
      “the Modern Fundamentals” which is just as correct as calling it “the five
      lessons” as you did. Both those terms are listed on the book title.

    • Wayne Defrancesco says:

      +fgrimley32 Yes, you’re right. He did write “The Modern Fundamentals”,
      which is correct. I see “The Five Lessons” all the time but not in this

  10. JK Kim says:

    Only way you can even come close to the hogan swing is if you have longer
    than average arm length and extremely flexible hip joints, knees, and
    ankles. The side arm throw is definite, however it has to be accommodated
    by the lower body flexibility if the swing is to go into proper finish. The
    counterclockwise forearm rotation is a must to go underneath the plane with
    supination at impact. The hogan swing is all rotation. The real secret of
    his swing is revealed in the last pages of his 5 fundamentals.

  11. Garth Downton says:

    Golf has no absolutes! You either possess natural skill or not! Hard work
    will help but only to a degree. I challenge ANYONE to use all of Hogan’s
    set up, grip etc. but lack his lower body action and see where you are! IN

  12. JaxBeach2NewportBch says:

    As a 1-2 handicapper, I can attribute Hardy’s lesson I was fortunate to
    have while I worked at a club in Palm beach as he did a clinic for 12
    members. He kindly looked at my takeaway and my down swing. My natural
    swing since high school as always had a laid off, more shut club face ie:
    Duval, and he made two corrections. Kept my left hand strong, and weakened
    my right hand. Then said all I needed to do is match my Downswing with
    takeaway. Meaning swing around my left hip as compared to trying to swing
    down the line and bringing crucial timing into the mix. It has worked now
    for 8 years. I have taken lay offs of 6 months and 20 months in between and
    have come right back to the tee with a little short game practice, and I’ll
    control the ball better than another sub 5 hc. I think when pga club pros
    start to overanalyze like this seems imo, it really comes across as trying
    to prove what you know, rather than what helps a player increase
    consistency. Now I know everyone is different, shapes, athletic abilities
    and overall goals. And just because I use the one plane, I don’t think its
    the only way to swing a club. It’s just what works for me becsuwe it takes
    the thinking out of it. That to me is a benefit that is priceless. I would
    like to see more pros try and simplify the golf swing theory and getting
    most club members in scaling back 4-6 things to Remember when addressing
    the ball and get it to 2. Maybe I’m a dreamer haha. Good video just my two

  13. e james says:

    bubba watson does not have a one plane swing…………..but he does have
    2 green jackets.How many does kuchar have?

  14. David Musall says:

    Wayne, I agree with your assessment. I thought Hardy was on to something
    with his theories but I’ve changed my mind. As for Hogan’s right elbow
    move, it appears that he is not trying to do anything with his right elbow.
    The right elbow moves as a result of his slight lateral hip move and then
    his right knee moves out and over his right foot. The elbows, arms and
    shoulders move as a result of the lower body moving.

  15. jared miller says:

    they are both one plane swings. and maybe he can’t get to the same
    positions as Hogan because of flexibility. he has the right concept but
    nobody has the same swings so stop bashing the dude. post a video of you
    doing a Hogan swing and let’s compare?

    • Sir Shanks a Lot says:

      nothing to do with flexibility. Mr Hogan intentionally moved his right arm
      as Wayne describes and Jimmy took the direct opposite approach. Most
      golfers instinctively chase new ideas in hopes of finding a shortcut to a
      better swing. Even when its something as ridiculous as what Jimmy published
      in his first book and then continued to modify in his following books/DVDs.
      Jimmy is a master salesman + public speaker and made a ton of money with
      that talent, but I’m with Wayne. Don’t exploit a legend to sell your stuff.
      Shows no class and set you up for ridicule by those who HAVE done their

  16. D Slatt says:

    Wayne: when I try to keep my right arm under my left (like throwing a ball)
    on the down swing and having my right elbow lead the way to impact, I feel
    like my right palm faces the sky and so I also believe that the club face
    stays open too long and i won’t be able to rotate the toe of the club to
    square the face. LIKE HOGAN at 14:55 !!!! But his club face does not look
    open !! …any help ?

  17. D Slatt says:

    Wayne, is it accurate to say that once Hogan’s right elbow was tucked in
    close to his torso he basically rotated his torso and let his right arm go
    along for the ride? Thanks !

  18. Joker The Joke Man says:

    You could literally bore someone to death.

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