The SECRET to Ben Hogan’s “laying off the club” Golf Tip

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Tom Bertrand, one of the leading authorities on Ben Hogan's fundamentals and principles, gives insight into the actions and reactions of 'laying the golf club off' properly.

26 Responses to “The SECRET to Ben Hogan’s “laying off the club” Golf Tip”

  1. Peter Kennedy says:

    Fascinating! I grew up on Hogan’s book. And I always fought a push. When
    I played well, I made my swing more upright, and did away with his rolling
    move on the backswing, although it had always made good sense to me as a
    speed enhancer. Thanks! I’m old and busted up now, but it’s nice to know
    I wasn’t crazy!
    Peter Kennedy, M.S., M.D.

  2. 1guiness11 says:

    It happens naturally in my opinion. If the elbows are tight to the body as
    Hogan showed in his swing drill. The flatter swing is the result at the
    top. When the wrists are cupped at the top the club will be flatter. When
    you drop down into the slot by dropping the elbow into the hip as you clear
    the hip the club accelerates and can do nothing but go to square as the
    forearm rotation already occurred. At least that is how it feels to me. A
    great swing that generates incredible club head speed and most times winds
    up perfectly square to the target line. great video !

  3. anonymous_maestro says:

    the principal benefit of the mini “lay-off” move is shallowing the angle of
    attack. important to note that

  4. Dave Ross says:

    Brilliant thanks

  5. steve Fowler says:

    I’m a scratch golfer who has been playing for about 20 years and have had
    lots of very good professional lessons including some from Golf Digest top
    50 instructors and I have never heard the golf swing explained so

  6. Steven Murentese says:

    Great share here thanks

  7. Doug Janchik says:

    Tom, This is really good stuff. Very advanced move! nice work

  8. blazing nugs says:

    every great ball striker had a bowed left wrist…check it
    out… trevino..and it

  9. e james says:

    dustin johnson does not “cup” his wrists at the top consequently hitting
    massive duck hooks under pressure. Like trying to win the us open at
    storied pebble beach golf links.

  10. Lou Palumbo says:

    Outstanding and enlightening video……

  11. Buddy Holly says:

    Hi Tom . Fantastic best demonstration ever . even I can follow it !!! .no
    one has explained it better .I assume it is the same move for all clubs
    driver etc !!

  12. JIM SWIERINGA says:

    this is a great explanation. thanks so much. jim s

  13. Sam Smith says:

    Well done. Thanks for your videos. 

  14. Joe Rhodes says:

    As my girlfriend says, you have to throttle the motorcycle. That’s the feel
    of this move. And it changed my swing for the better once I felt it. Just
    give the bike some gas on the way back, then let the gas off on the

    • tombertrand1 says:

      +Joe Rhodes
      Good way to think about it.
      A proper grip is needed to accomplish a better “twist” in the backswing as

  15. Val Edwards says:

    Great mentor, Gardner Dickinson, showed me how to lay off the
    shaft 35yrs ago.I must have been asleep.


  16. Tom Reese says:

    Tom…. I want to thank you for your fantastic videos about Ben Hogan’s
    secrets and the details you provide. I have just returned from my yard
    hitting my 9 iron with fantastic results! I have tried the bowed left
    wrist before but always felt super weak when I did it. The mechanics are
    simple once you understand them and the “collection of the ball” rather
    than hitting at it makes all the difference in the world. I believe I have
    found a swing that I like and can depend on!

  17. john compton says:

    very interesting info, thank you

  18. pedromcdodge says:

    incredible. thank you

  19. Mark Struck says:

    Hogan didn’t cup his left wrist on his back swing. Take a look at a video
    of his: He always sets his
    right wrist on his backswing. What you are promoting makes it more
    difficult to get your club into the slot. His laying off is a natural
    response from leading with his lower body, it forces your right elbow to
    drop, which is the laying off you refer to.

    • tombertrand1 says:

      +Mark Struck
      Mr. Hogan taught John Schlee, “Do as I say and not as I do or you are outta
      here”, referring to his time learning from Mr. Hogan. Mr. Hogan was always
      looking for a better way to swing the golf club and when he was with John
      it was about 15yrs after his last book. He hated his swing and didn’t want
      people filming to learn by. He felt his big lateral shift to the target was
      a wasted motion and need not be taught. I agree, the change in direction
      from the top of the swing allows the right elbow to drop, but my version
      allows students to feel the movement and see where the remaining upper body
      parts contribute to the action.

  20. joseserranosuner says:

    Tom I find your videos and books very enlightening there is one shade where
    I disagree with you however. You say this “laying off the club”, the
    “release of the cup in the back of the left hand” is what brings “the right
    elbow closer and more in front of the body”, whereas what in my view “tucks
    the right elbow” (=brings right elbow in front of the body) is the lateral
    element in Hogan’s pivot. There are two parts in Hogan’s pivot, 1.) the
    turning around of the left hip + 2.) the pushing of the right hip
    target-wards. Hogan phrases it in his 5 lessons in page 91 in the following
    way: “At one and the same time, the muscles of the right hip and the
    muscles of the right thigh – both the inside and the powerful outside thigh
    muscles – start to move the right hip forward”. By forward I understand he
    means target-wards, which on its own would allow to delay release a
    fraction further to increase lag and club-head speed.

    • tombertrand1 says:

      +joseserranosuner I agree with your assessment of what Mr. Hogan said about
      the hips and increased lag, but… Mr. Hogan talked to John in the late
      60’s and early 70’s when he determined that the lateral shift, he practiced
      so much, would be a cause for inconsistency if you didn’t practice as much
      as he did. All of what John taught and what I teach is what Mr. Hogan
      believed to be a better way to swing the golf club for everyone. As little
      lateral movement as possible, arms together so they stay in front of the
      chest, with all the power coming from a loaded right side. Hope this helps.

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