Tiger Hogan Impact

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

This is a video I made upon realizing what Tiger is doing now under Foley is similar to what Hogan did and also what Tom Watson described in his own swing.

I would also like to share my new film/instructional video The Hogan Code, which is unlike any other golf video on the market. It tells my story and reveals the secrets that I discovered while I was 6 on my year quest to swing like the great Ben Hogan.

Master the golf swing today with The Hogan Code!

And, for the first time I am offering a new instructional series from My Swing Evolution! All of my lessons and insights are condensed into one video that is 1 hour and 21 minutes long!

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29 Responses to “Tiger Hogan Impact”

  1. JayZoop says:

    Foley looks like Hogan because he brings his right elbow down close to his
    body in sinc with his hips.

  2. Scott Willi says:

    Don’t tell me that last ball strike didn’t feel good. This is still my
    favorite video of all the ones you’ve done.

  3. Scott Willi says:

    BTW-“Plant Your Garden” Pollock Motion Picture Soundtrack Huzzzahhh

  4. John Smith says:

    My main problem with golf has been consistency. I found something about
    six months ago that still helps me today. +myswingevolution I realize
    you have a great swing and I’m not trying to coach anyone here. Have you
    ever tried keeping the flex with the right knee? For me, it keeps my arms
    more in front of my body on the Down Swing and keeps me from hooking the
    ball too much. It also gets me more into a more Hogan-like impact.
    Obviously you have been striking the ball really well, but I just wanted
    to ask if you had tried that.

  5. Jordan Sheppherd says:

    Nice. Your contact sounds great. Pop! Pop! Pop! Thanks for posting.

  6. Alex Nuschke says:

    Great penetrating ball flights. Jealous!
    I believe I just made a big break through myself, my left wrist has been
    cupped for years – not necessarily bad in the backswing per say, but it
    remained that way through impact. Working on getting it flat at impact,
    even slightly bowed (with forward shaft lean). Your videos have definitely
    helped in that area.

  7. kilroy escalante says:

    Now you getting some where,and understanding. Great video

  8. x sauceda says:

    Mr Watson discovering that the golf swing is INSIDE-TO-INSIDE.

  9. nwahforever says:

    What Hogan are you refering to in your video? Hulk Hogan or Ben Hogan?

  10. Tommyve000 says:

    I love how solid you strike them! Great to watch!

  11. Jay Callahan says:

    I have the same move that Rickie Fowler does (or did) with the arms
    disconnecting from the body. On the downswing I am in the sort of ‘laid
    off’ Ben Hogan position with my right elbow tucked into my body. However,
    from there my arms just shoot out from my body and I can’t figure out how
    to fight the momentum to get the low left follow through. Any ideas? Thx

  12. mattstazza says:

    hi christo love your videos! just wondering do you still use your flip mino
    video camera in your current videos?

  13. Lu lz says:

    Si senior !

  14. Danny O'neal says:

    My main miss has always been leaving the clubhead open at impact and the
    ball going straight right. Tried this a few days ago and the results have
    been amazing. Almost felt like I was going to swing the club into my left
    foot but man I was pounding it. Was hitting my 7 iron to the 165 marker at
    the range with a nice little draw. Can’t wait to take it to the course this

  15. Derek Lee says:

    Because of this video, I fegured out the movement of the down swing. Thank
    you very much Mr. Garcia. I always learn from your video and your learning

  16. Sun Lim says:

    Very very cool. It is 12:50 a.m. here in Singapore so can’t go to the
    driving range but I tried what you mentioned in the video and I seem to
    feel a smoother swing. Can’t wait to try this!

  17. senorchipotle says:

    love your vids, man. I think most folks’ problems is trying to physically
    straighten the right elbow. Seems like that was the essence of your
    problems before you fixed it. It takes patience and feels like an eternity
    waiting for the club to load up at first, but a few weeks of practicing
    will engrain the feeling. I had to start all over last year after giving up
    golf for three years. it was emotionally draining and I almost quit, but
    it’s worth it.

    • myswingevolution says:

      +senorchipotle Haha! So true! I stuck with it and now it’s all been worth
      it! Patience is very important!!

    • senorchipotle says:

      +myswingevolution … btw… I think Slammin’ Sammy might just be the best
      example of low and left; besides Hogan, of course.

    • myswingevolution says:

      Yes, I’m going out to work on that right now. Sam was very low left, also
      Calvin Peete, and Chi Chi Rodriguez. I really believe it’s the byproduct
      of a hard pivot with the body, as opposed to “swinging down the line”.

    • senorchipotle says:

      +myswingevolution … Right on re: the pivot. Working on that myself right
      now, as I tend to twist my foot and it throws me off balance sometimes.
      Trying to keep my head back and not inch it forward going back as my miss
      tends to be a push; which is difficult because it requires me to make a
      bigger backswing hip turn and I’m not used to that. Yes I know of Peete.
      Great ball striker!

  18. nahshon cline says:

    once again I love your videos. I would kill to have your ball striking
    ability. from watching your videos I’m pretty sure that I have not actually
    ever hit a solid contacted ball. yours pop so cleanly with what appears to
    be such an effortless relaxed swing. I feel like I’m trying to kill the

  19. Jefferson Smith says:

    Do you still think the “axe move” is as important as you did when you made
    this video?
    I have been incorporating that move lately as it seems necessary when
    coming at the ball from the inside plane which happens when you change
    planes on your downswing and have your elbow tucked in properly.
    Without the “axe move” my ball either goes right or I have to draw it to go
    That “axe move” straightens it out nicely and feels great.

    • myswingevolution says:

      +Jefferson Smith Yes, I do. I did not have a consistent weight shift and a
      good pivot when I made this, but now it’s very clear and I learned that Mr.
      Hogan said that’s the way the arms work in the swing.

    • Jefferson Smith says:

      +myswingevolution Good to hear. Thanks. Can’t wait to hit another bucket

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