Tour Striker | Martin Chuck | Ben Hogan Grip Tip

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Getting the hands on the club properly can be the difference between great golf and awful golf. The great Ben Hogan did some great work to help golfers understand how to put your hands on the club. #revolutiongolf

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  1. keesonator says:

    I’m actually trying to integrate Hogan’s swing into mine and you mentioned
    things to avoid. Will you be making a video on that or can you briefly tell
    me what they are?

  2. Wilson Guidi says:

    Thanks Martin, your videos are great! I have a few questions:
    Doesn’t a “short” left thumb restrict the wrist hinge? And doesn’t it also
    put the handle too much in the palm rather than in the fingers of the left
    Another question: with ref. to the right hand, at the top of the backswing,
    should the club rest on (/be supported) only by the index knuckle or also
    by the thumb tip?
    (from Italy, please excuse my english!)

  3. slappy0077 says:

    Marty, have you ever heard of the “continental” grip used in tennis? I
    suggest you investigate it since it is the key to understanding how to
    place the right hand on the club and its use in the swing.

  4. Syd Dhillon says:

    Great video. I’m a somewhat newer golfer (20 months). I’ve been struggling
    with a hook for the last 6 months. A couple days ago, I applied the Hogan
    grip (I read about it sometime ago, but thought the grip was overrated).

    I played yesterday, and have hit 4 buckets, and the hook is gone.
    I tried going back to my old grip, and after just a couple of days, it has
    become difficult to hit the ball with the old grip bc the club is so loose
    at the top of the swing.

    Unfortunately, while you share the stat “80% of people have an incorrect
    grip”, most people would think they are in the 20 % doing it correctly, or
    are like I was, and think the grip is no big deal.

    Thanks for the great video.

  5. TylerrFTW says:

    Does it matter where you put your right thumb? I’ve noticed some people put
    it over the club parallel and other people put it on the far side of the
    grip where the left hand is. Is it just a matter of preference?

    • Martin Chuck says:

      +TylerrFTW We like to see it to the left side of the shaft. If it gets on
      top the right hand can become too strong in the grip.

  6. Paul Brubaker Jr says:

    Excellent tip. could not agree more… it all starts with the grip. I
    wonder how many current PGA players model their grip after the Hogan grip?

  7. Peter Crocitto says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us – I’m a 5 handicapper – and i believe my
    grip isn’t on correct, my biggest miss is a over the top that creates a big
    hook, and I feel this caused by not having a proper grip. In my opinion I
    don’t believe I maintain enough lag in my downswing especially with the
    longer clubs and again I believe the root os this issue has to due with my
    grip. Thoughts?

  8. Isabelle Richmond says:

    Hi Martin!
    Enjoyed the grip tip.
    You were going to send me link to Saluda’s core exercises with the Power
    Impact Pro. I am starting to use it, but it is quite a challenge for a 100
    lb. gal.

  9. Joe Perez says:

    Having small hands, I played with an interlock grip for 20 years, and
    always thought my hands should be “webbing-to-webbing.” Now I realize that
    it was probably the reason why I had a slicing problem, as I was unable to
    get my right hand to properly aid in releasing the club, since the fingers
    of my right hand were not properly secure on the grip. Several years ago I
    changed to overlap, and *really* concentrated on getting my middle fingers
    of the right hand to grip that club a little more firmly. Bravo, Chuck!

  10. Tim O'Connor says:

    Thanks for connecting the dots between Ben Hogan’s grip and the
    interlocking grip! I’ve been wondering about how these two related for
    several years now.

  11. Thomas Fraser says:

    Excellent! I was an interlocker; so although over the years I thought I had
    Hogan’s grip; I did not. Now that you have set me on the correct grip I
    find all my shots from an easy pitch to are full swing are much easier. I
    also find when Hogan’s grip is done correctly the leg and everything else
    fall into place for me. Friendly reminder; Hogan always wants both elbows
    pointing to hips at set up. Thank you Martin

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