What The Most Important Thing In The Golf Swing Is By Ben Hogan and Sam Snead

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

What The Most Important Thing Is In The Golf Swing by Ben Hogan and Sam Snead with Gene Sarazen Houston Country Club U.S.A. in SHELL'S Wonderful World of GOLF A Shell Sports Presentation DVD Available on Amazon

What is known as the Secret in Ben Hogan's Swing can be found in the Dunn-Gourlay Code of Standardized Golf Instruction, published in 1922 and 1934. www.seymourdunn.com

33 Responses to “What The Most Important Thing In The Golf Swing Is By Ben Hogan and Sam Snead”

  1. James Horan says:

    Would love to see these two in their prime playing the modern equipment.

    • Tom Settles says:

      +James Horan I think it’s better to understand how awesome they were with a
      rubber-band wound ball and drivers that have sweet spot the size of a dime.
      Snead averaged 275 with driver but could hit the ball over 300 yards
      anytime he wanted to. He won many long drive contests, including a few at
      the Masters with 330+ yard drives. Hogan was a little shorter off the tee,
      averaging 260. The new balls are the main reason why today’s pros all hit
      it over 290 yards, but the skill factor to play professional golf has come
      way down with the 460cc driver and cavity back irons. I recently bought a
      couple 1950s golf balls on ebay and hit two drives with my Ping G15.
      Longest was 265. (Hard to believe anyone could hit that old wound ball more
      than 275 yards.) I then hit a new titleist PRO V1 – 310 yards. And yet many
      PGA records set by players in the 1950s still stand up today.

    • stephen f says:

      +Tom Settles
      You said it.

      You may be aware that a few years ago, MacGregor brought out an old Armour
      Eye-O-Matic persimmon driver (approximately the same kind as Nicklaus had
      for several years when he started on tour) and some balata balls — new
      manufacture, same type as old balls. Only a couple of guys could get it
      anywhere close to 280; most were in the 250-265 range.

      There’s a reason why the PGA Tour, despite all its flapping gums about “the
      greatest generation” and “these guys are good” — the perpetual marketing
      campaign — will never hold a silly-season exhibition event where both
      clubs and conditions (rough, width of fairways, etc.) are brought back to
      what they were before, no matter how much demand there would be for such an

      I can tell you that as somebody who has both played and taught for a
      living, I can hit it anywhere from 25 to 40 yards farther with the driver
      than I did 30 years ago in my 20s. It’s insane. There are swings you can
      make with these ridiculous giant heads now that would’ve been near-whiffs
      with the old clubs but are 280-yard misses. What some of the really long
      hitters like Snead and Nicklaus might’ve done with anything like the modern
      drivers is unthinkable. But in the end, the truth is that the modern
      equipment would’ve made it harder for those guys to distinguish themselves,
      since the knack for hitting the ball on the sweet spot just isn’t as big a
      deal now as it was then, not to mention keeping the ball in the fairways
      and on the greens.

    • Choff C says:

      +James Horan ..I often dream about that exact scenario…I would put
      slammin Sam at the top of the heap…Its like BUTTER BABY…SMOOTHHHHH!! I
      just love his move down and through impact its poetry in motion…Met Sam
      down in Florida back in 78 what a true Gent..!!

  2. seemlyme says:

    Cool. Thank you so much

  3. Tim Shay says:

    No Mr. Hogan, I don’t mind. You keep hitting balls. I’ll just go over here
    and kneel.

  4. 60DegreeLobWedge says:

    where can I see the entire match? I can’t find it anywhere.

  5. Todd Victorson says:

    it’s ok to look at fundamentals of great players, but trying to copy
    someone’s swing is not a good idea. For example, do you think most players
    could copy Jim Furyk’s or Lee Trevino’s swing with great success?? Like
    anything else, you have to find what works for you. To say only one golf
    swing will work is like saying only one workout program or only one diet
    will get you the perfect body.

    • curedmygolfslice says:

      +Todd Victorson you don’t have to copy just find what works for you. See
      what you can deduce from http://www.curedmygolfslice.com and advice by open
      champion Henry Cotton and instructor Seymour Dunn and hope it works for you

    • Todd Victorson says:

      Hi. I was saying one shouldn’t copy anyone else so essentially I was
      agreeing with you with my initial comment

    • The Artful Dodger says:

      All good players do certain things during the swing the exact same way.
      Those are the principles Snead and Hogan are teaching. If you violate any
      of those principles, you aren’t going to strike the ball worth a damn.

  6. peter niehorster says:

    @ hetnet

  7. mudddge says:

    The game of golf becomes much simpler when you understand the advice Hogan
    gives here.

  8. charly yoo says:

    Hogan vs Snead televised match play……Has to be the greatest match in
    the history of golf.

  9. Byron Jones says:

    Hogan & Snead! My god, what talent! Snead, the “natural” a la Bobby Jones,
    and Hogan the “manufactured” genius. How blessed the world was to have
    them! Never was there, with the possible exception of Moe Norman, such a
    shotmaker as Ben Hogan. No arguments, gentlemen: accept it as fact –
    written in tablets of stone.

    • David Erber says:

      +Byron Jones The reason Moe Norman is and always will be the greatest ball
      striker the world has ever seen is because of his genius he displayed in 2
      areas: His setup position and his grip and here’s my favorite part(and 95%
      of all golfers including pga tour pros, teachers, and analysts have NO IDEA
      what he actually did) and to me, that’s the genius of Moe Norman. People
      are so focused looking at the WRONG THING and the wrong thing being Moe
      Norman’s “SWING”, but if there eyes were focused looking at the RIGHT THING
      which is “HIS GRIP”(because of what it did) and “HIS SETUP POSITION” and
      what that GUARANTEED AT IMPACT, then the golf world would be alot better.
      causes confusion? BLINDNESS! And because of blindness what takes over?
      PRIDE(VANITY), and that’s why Moe said, “VANITY IS THE LUXURY OF FOOLS.”
      Because Moe KNEW(UNDERSTOOD) the secret is hitting a golf ball straight,
      the secret of guarantee-ing the golf flying to the target AND THE SECRET
      WAS IN HIS SETUP POSITION AND HIS PALM GRIP. In very plain English, Moe
      understood(and is the only one in history that I’m aware of) that golf(and
      the golf swing) is a game of NO ROTATION, JUST PENDELUM. But, 95% or more
      are still living under the illusion of golf being a game of ROTATION. The
      genius was in Moe’s grip in middle of his hand because it was a NON
      ROTATIONAL GRIP. And in his setup Moe understood if he setup a few inches
      behind the golf ball, that every time he sets up HIS SHOULDERS WOULD BE
      SQUARE AT THE TARGET, and if they are square at address THAT MEANS THEY ARE
      AT IMPACT, which mean THE CLUB would be as well which means THE BALL WOULD
      ARE. Moe was an absolute genius, but people’s eye were and are looking in
      the WRONG PLACE which is his GOLF SWING, instead of looking in the RIGHT
      PLACE which is HIS GRIP AND SETUP POSITION, that’s where the secret is to
      HOW he hit everyshot straight, and if people could just see this, and adopt
      Moe’s FUNDAMENTALS(not his SWING) then they would start hitting it straight
      and drop alot of strokes off their handicap. But, most people won’t listen
      because of 3 things: BLINDNESS(lack of knowledge) VANITY(pride taking over,
      “I don’t want to look like that at address.”) and finally JEALOUSY, it’s
      because of their IGNORANCE or BLINDNESS of not understanding of what Moe
      did, they get jealous and try to murder his character BECAUSE THEY WANT TO
      IMPACT, but Moe did. But, in my opinon 90% is IGNORANCE(blindness) and the
      other 10% is VANITY and JEALOUSY.

    • Byron Jones says:

      +David Erber Phew! Quite an essay, that ….. and spot on the money, Sir.

    • David Erber says:

      i appreciate it Byron, sorry about writing a novel that wasn’t my intent
      lol. I just must have caught up in the moment lol. But, i just wish people
      wouldn’t automatically assume that when someone mentions “Moe Norman”, they
      automatically think, “He thinks that Moe’s swing IS THE ONLY SWING there
      is, so i won’t listen to that). But, i say just the opposite, i say
      everyone has their own unique swing based on their body chemistry, so, I’m
      not telling people to switch to Moe Norman’s swing, I’m simply trying to
      advise ADOPTING SOME OF HIS FUNDAMENTALS, that’s the difference, because
      the accuracy or secret of hitting it straight consistently lies IN HIS
      SETUP. So, I don’t get caught up in that web where everybody says, “You
      have to swing like Hogan”, or “No, you have to swing like Byron.” I tell
      people, don’t try to be somebody else but adopt a fundamental if it can
      help you achieve impact. So, I’m not caught up in biomechanics and all of
      that, but i will say this, it is alot more consistent and more safer for a
      golfer to adopt THE ONE PLANE SWING, because it’s been proven that ALL OF
      THE BACK INJURIES have come from the 2 plane swing, because in order to get
      on the IMPACT PLANE which is the starting of the downswing, you find out
      IMPACT THE BALL. So, in simplicity you are lifting up your spine the same
      time you are swinging about 80-100 MPH on the downswing. It’s no wonder
      Tiger Woods and Fred Couples and i half a dozen more PGA Tour and Senior
      Tour players have terrible backs and all kinds of back surgeries, and DOUG
      TEWELL was one of them, that’s WHY he invented THE SQUARE TO SQUARE METHOD.
      Take care, Byron, and have a wonderful day, and again, sorry about the
      novel or essay lol.

    • Byron Jones says:

      +David Erber Another treat, thank you, David. So much wisdom therein – and
      boy! – can I speak from experience of having striven like a demented robot
      for so many decades to mould myself on Hogan (sometimes with a few drops of
      Jones or Locke or, god help me, Palmer thrown into the cauldron of
      confusion), only to suffer agonies as the ball flew everywhere but
      straight. Too late to start all over again, but I would urge youngsters to
      heed your advice.

  10. Peter Somlay says:

    Hogan is entirely right, the most important is what happens from the top of
    the backswing to impact. So many average and expert golfers focus too much
    on their backswing and forget that it’s not during the backswing we hit the
    ball. The most important is the movement forward through the ball. And
    every good swing starts the downswing the ground up and not the opposite!
    Peter Somlay, PGA qualified coach.

  11. 1verybadass says:

    With those swings, these 2 blokes would NEVER have made any cut in the
    modern game.

  12. Indy Carr says:

    Snead did nothing different than Hogan. They both started the swing with
    their hips. It is just a different way of explaining to accomplish the same

  13. Thomas Donlin says:

    I’m not sure what year this was but as a native Houstonian, I’m curious if
    the Houston Country Clubs then is what is not Gus Wortham Golf Course.
    That site used to be the Houston Country Club.

  14. Thomas Fraser says:

    I combines Ben Hogan and Sam Snead recommendations for the downswing and
    the two works great together as opposed to separating one idea from

  15. JayZoop says:

    The hips, shoulders and elbows both start to rotate at the same time. Once
    the left leg sticks that’s when the arm muscles take over.

  16. Ganapathy Hegde says:

    In golf, once it comes to practise swing every body looks like
    professional’s but once you address the ball it’s a different ball game.I
    think practise may contribute up to certain extent not fully,and I feel
    it’s an blessed arte,which should come by birth, so there are few percent
    of single handicapper in the golf world.

    • Tyler Southcott says:

      If by that you mean shooting a 66, then yes thats probably some gifted
      talent. But with proper deliberate practice and the right amount of it,
      anyone can take there great practice swing onto the course.

  17. Strapper Nick says:

    My father and I used to always watch those Shell matches. Two legends in
    this one, it goes without saying!

  18. Richard Yanco says:

    I remember following Hogan at Pleasant Valley back in the 60s. He looked
    the same as he did in previous years. I was really impressed with the fact
    that he would hit his drive and then walk almost to the green to see how
    the ball would roll toward the hole on his 2nd shot. He didn’t have time
    and energy to play practice rounds to get used to the layout. You knew his
    approach shot would take the right breaks on the green. He was great.

  19. punch clark says:

    Dammmm , it took me forever I havve finally found his secret its right

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