WISDOM IN GOLF; Hogan Power Drill Update by Shawn Clement

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Get his Amazing 2013 video series filmed and edited by the Art Institute of Pittsburgh at the Harvest Hill Golf Club in Buffalo New York; motion capture technology in 3D, animated ball flights, overhead cameras for draw and fade all available in full HD!

The pendulum is now swinging in our favor; you can now fully engage into our instruction without any worries about if you are doing it right or not; free your swing and your mind! Shawn Clement has the complete package for all your issues whether it is the full swing, the short game, getting back to the standard putter from the long anchored putter you should have never gone to in the first place; Shawn has all the credentials to be the very best instructor for any golfer. It all ends right here on this channel.

Shawn Clement, Class A Canadian PGA teaching professional, Nominated 2011 Teacher of the Year, Top Vote getter in Golf Channel's instructor search, Golf Academy Live 2001, Golf Tips Magazine Playing Editor 2000-2001, Director Instruction Fairways Magazine 2004, Director Instruction Taboo Resort (Mike Weir's Home Course) 2002-2005, Director Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre 2005-Today.

23 Responses to “WISDOM IN GOLF; Hogan Power Drill Update by Shawn Clement”

  1. Shawn Clement says:

    @leenicholas7 Check out the following videos: “Throwing the club; shawn
    clement”, “High and low shots; shawn clement”, “Delofting the club through
    proper tilt; shawn clement”, “Stop topping and take better divots; shawn
    clement” part 1 and 2 It is all in there! Enjoy!

  2. charlatan19 says:

    Shawn, been watching for years, but realized I missed something from
    previous Hogan videos. Confused on the point that if I’m up against the
    mirror at address. how can I turn into the downswing staying against the
    mirror without the spine moving away from it: on the forward swing as well
    for that matter. Any help or other videos you can direct me to is

  3. haricsl says:

    Hi I think everyone wants to emulate Ben Hogan’s swing which is evidenced
    by quite a few of your videos. This video suggests an up, down, up motion.
    However, if you look at Ben Hogan’s (even Tiger’s) swing it is clearly
    down, down and up. I believe the initial “down” motion comes from an
    additional flexion at the waist (ie tush pushes out). Useful to hear your
    thoughts on this

  4. Shawn Clement says:

    First, golf teaching is only 100 years young compared to the 5000 years of
    Kung Fu; I would never take the advice of a “swing mechanic” who has never
    seen an engine or drive train and has never looked under the hood;
    (Anatomy) and has never studied how the wiring and computer works (brain
    and central nervous system as well as evolution). Talent on tour can swing
    with ANYTHING! TIGER WOODS PROVES THIS. See a simple video called “Horse
    shoes and lassos” and try for yourself! Shawn

  5. Allen Mihai says:

    Great video. Most people will not agree with this but I do, and it looks
    like Kenny Perry does too. Haha

  6. Shawn Clement says:

    Exactly! And he does!! Shawn

  7. edmund kim says:

    Hi Shawn, Every golfer has his or her bad days. I was wondering, do you
    ever have days where your swing is on fire, then the next day you just
    can’t seem to hit any good shots? If so, what do you do to assess the
    situation? Especially since you are a golf instructor, I’m curious to know.

  8. Shawn Clement says:

    I understand what you mean but in this case; it is like riding a bike; you
    just don’t lose the swing at all when you are focused on the proper things;
    see my “Sledge hammer golf shawn clement” video; you don’t lose your hammer
    or axe swing from one day to the next do you? 🙂 Shawn The scoring part
    comes from am I chipping in and making some nice putts or am I chipping
    close and missing some birdie opportunities…

  9. edmund kim says:

    I think I get what you mean. I was shanking my balls for two range sessions
    in a row, to say the least, it was very frustrating. Then I referred back
    to your videos and remembered the tilted spiral tips which made my swing
    feel like it was making sense again. I think I was focusing on things I
    shouldn’t have, and was so eager to get the ball going far and in the air
    that I neglected to focus on proper technique.

  10. edmund kim says:

    Also, for what it’s worth I made my first birdie last week and wanted to
    credit you for a lot of the things that are going on in my swing (the good
    parts -___-‘). It was a 40 yd chip in after a bad tee shot on a par 3.

  11. Steven G. Safran says:

    Shawn: Your Hogan Power Drill video has helped me more than any piece of
    instruction I’ve ever received. I practice this and this ONLY as a dynamic
    swing thought. Everything else is grip, posture, alignment etc. I disagree
    however with the intentional dropping of the hips. The hip drop is the
    result of external rotation and abduction of the left leg while the right
    leg remains externally rotated in the first part of the downswing.

  12. Steven G. Safran says:

    Then in the second part of the downswing there is adduction of the legs as
    the hips rotate creating power. Same thing that Babe Ruth and Pujols do or
    Tim Lincecum does. Kelvin Miyahira explains this in a series of videos and
    I think this is a more accurate way of looking at this rather than
    dynamically trying to drop the hips. The hip drop is a byproduct of this
    separation of the legs not what causes it!

  13. Shawn Clement says:

    Thank you for your comment and the kind words, but you are missing much
    more about how the human brain is wired for gravity; see “Horse shoes and
    lassos” ” get serious speed” and “feet together and one leg update” BTW, I
    have a spine surgeon in NYC in my Wisdom in Golf staff (among several other
    MDs) that would make Mr Kelvin Miyahira look very bad; I cannot believe
    what he talks about when he describes the function of the spine. Very

  14. Steven G. Safran says:

    I happen to be an eye surgeon but I’m no expert on the function of the
    spine. I do know this much. If you transfer your weight on the downswing
    the hips will move to the left. If the hips move to the left and head
    doesn’t then the head HAS to drop (or the spine would have to get longer
    which I don’t think is what happens). I watch McIlroy now or Byron past and
    this is what I see. I’d love to send you a 5 second video of my swing for
    comment. Any way to do this?

  15. Shawn Clement says:

    Sure! I have a swing analysis service on the store page of my website; just
    make a you tube video and email me the link! Shawn

  16. proprioceptive44 says:

    When i see those photos of Jack`s golf swing; it looks to me like a very
    strong guy just taking the club back and beating the crap out of it

  17. ed woodall says:

    hi Shawn.I love your videos.This one on Hogan’s shift to the left is
    especially smart. Can you tell me, though, whether you are aware of the
    work of Moshe Feldenkrais? If not, you must check the Feldenkrais Method
    out because you will love it! If you do,I would love to hear details.I am a
    trained practitioner and a keen golf student. Hope to hear back from you. 

  18. RyanLungstrom says:

    If you wanted to pitch what you think Moe or Jack does in their swing it’s
    one thing, but to call this a Hogan move is false advertising. Hogan
    dropped (substantially) in his back swing. The reason being, his right hip
    gained depth with a backwards movement, while maintaining his left hip from
    a movement towards the ball. Twisting towards the target and lifting in the
    backswing is going to decrease compression with the ground for most

    • Wisdom in Golf Premium says:

      Ryan, I understand where you are coming from but there is so much more here
      in this package than meets the eye. This video is to help clarify one of
      our core concepts that guys like Kenny Perry perform on Tour and the reason
      why you don’t see Hogan or Norman going up in the backswing is because T
      address, they are already up. We are in our dynamic posture and ready to
      gather into the backswing to prepare to squat and use the ground
      assertively to throw the energy of the swing out to the target. Before you
      make judgement, you need to get a lot deeper into what we do and we have 30
      years of research backed by over 100 MDs behind this.

    • RyanLungstrom says:

      +Wisdom in Golf Premium I don’t doubt that that this lesson is a product of
      careful time invested into the fundamentals you teach, it’s just that the
      key takeaways from this presentation do not address, nor illustrate what
      Hogan actually did in his swing.
      That said, I agree that I shouldn’t have made a judgement about how these
      ideas will affect anyone else, sorry for that remark.

  19. Darrin Force says:

    Great vid, and a perfect illustration of how things get so complicated when
    we approach it from a technical standpoint. All these movements happen
    naturally and automatically in a good swing (as evidenced by the feet
    together and perpetual motion drills). But if we break things down into
    parts, it seems like they’re something we need to “do”, or make happen, vs.
    just happening on their own.

    • Wisdom in Golf Premium says:

      Right on Darrin! See “dynamic vs static shawn clement” part 1-2 as a great
      back up to your statement!

  20. Gilberto Ayala says:

    Great video Shawn. Thank you for referring this video.

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